Rate my setup: 1 year old edition

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  1. W bc 1 icewing = 1 value so u got 710 value from icewings

  2. I have a Hundo jumpluff, that’s pretty useless

  3. My lightbringer for your jinglegun, battleaxe ii, frostsaber, and snowflake?

  4. i would try to get it but the best thing i have is vamp set soooo

  5. The donkey cause women don’t actually exist

  6. Oh chroma gemstone only gets like 150-200

  7. I got 388 got mine when it was 400 (at the start of chromas dying)

  8. Great until they knock the piggy bank down

  9. I’m looking for slime gun can I offer in dms

  10. Bro you’re just not clicking it good enough

  11. The pokemon calls it key but we all know it’s see

  12. Potion, rippers, greenfire, and holly are the only things worth something. Potion is great, keep it for now and let the value rise. Use supreme values or mm2 values for references to values. Id recommend supreme since it’s updated more often

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