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AMC did WELL today 🚀 - closed RED but you gotta understand this 🤝

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  1. It’s not in regards to our beloved stock. They do that link on a lot of their articles. Always issuing “rare all in” buy alerts like every week. They truly are fools.

  2. I'd rather be a convicted criminal than a politician.

  3. Wow this seems to be getting bigger at an accelerated rate!

  4. Yeahhhh they do this every once in a blue moon. Sounds like they want something to show the DOJ/FBI so they can claim not ALL their articles about amc are negative 🙄

  5. What a horrific and unnecessary death. Those three people were minding their own business driving home or wherever and someone drives straight at them at the equivalent of about 140mph (assuming both cars were doing 70, not an unusual speed on I-95).

  6. I love this album. Dark and kinda psychedelic, but also thrashy

  7. Check out their album that came after this; ENEMY OF THE SUN. You won’t be disappointed

  8. It’s like a lightning bolt just hit the tip of my penis!

  9. In sure they could come up with that with the change in the couch at the CEO’s office. 10 million ain’t nothing to them!

  10. Yup! Still rocking my launch day ps4. At this point I’m waiting for the inevitable ps5 PRO to come out so I can finally find an original ps5.

  11. Oh wow. GTFO NOW!! This whole “teach you a lesson” thing is a super red flag and I would get out of there asap. My wife and I play wrestle a lot but first thing first; we make sure it’s just fun and no one gets hurt.

  12. Not to be the bearer of bad news as I’d love to see the downfall of the “the fool” but from reading the article it seems like the 2 hackers had no affiliation with that Horrid site and merely hacked into their software.

  13. It was the perfect week to get my tax returns and LOAD UP on my favorite stock!

  14. Ohhh yeah especially the older lady up front 🙄 / S

  15. Dime’s solo in the Pantera song, “Floods” almost brings a tear to my eye it’s so soulful.

  16. Hell yeah!! Started at 5.50, bought at 60 and still continue to buy.

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