1. Probably giving this guy the notoriety they’re looking for by posting their truck everywhere. This is the third time in two days I’ve seen this truck on Reddit.

  2. Not the best but Joeys used to do a premade thanksgiving meal kit. I don’t know if they’re doing it this year.

  3. I want some answers as to why our provincial government isn’t bothering to address our drug and homeless epidemic? I want to know why we don’t use Peace Officers in place of useless security guards in our transit stations.

  4. Edmonton, Alberta. $20.00 (asking for a raise in 2 weeks) plus 2% tips. Senior Sous Chef. Been here for 11 months, the industry since 2006.

  5. I’m also Edmonton . How much are you going to be asking for ? If you don’t mind me asking

  6. I was going to ask for 25. Seems pretty high, but at least I have room to negotiate

  7. I’ve had one fall out of my pocket once (the panty liners in the flat packs). Absolutely mortified, but the boys are more scared of me than I am of them. This person probably felt it fall out and didn’t think it was worth the teasing.

  8. My managers encourage this behavior where I work. It's an embarrassment. I'm not a cook though

  9. I’m bored of people complaining about prices going up. Of course the prices need to go up. Staff demand more than min wage (fair), rent (commercial and residential) have gone up, the cost of food has gone up, but the quality has diminished. For 4 months, GFS has sent us rotten potatoes and charged us an extra $10 a case.

  10. Why do you have such a urgency for hours? Why didn’t you get given time to go through orientations? Why is it tomorrow?

  11. The government isn't killing addicts, addicts are killing themselves.

  12. It’s the government’s job to aid and protect the people it serves. So, while the addicts kill themselves, maybe the government should at least provide programmes, agencies and funding for the 2% that get and stay sober, and the amenities the rest of us need to keep ourselves, our transit and our properties safe and drug free.

  13. No one thinks about Red Deer but I’d wager that hockey has something to do with it when it comes to Calgary

  14. It’s also a part of resale value for countries that don’t mandate those sorts of things.

  15. Empty threat on bosses part. What’s he gonna do? Shoot him self in the foot over a funeral? Great way to end up without a staff.

  16. NTA. Your ex is a dick who doesn’t deserve the joy of children. Your kids are too young to understand right now, but they will when they’re older, that it was Dad, not you that made the decision to not be a part of their lives.

  17. Is this a thing? I just get cheap black Hanes shirt and jeans. Throw an apron on and good to go.

  18. Yeah it’s a thing. I shouldn’t have to pay for replacing clothes. The best way around that is them providing a uniform.

  19. ESH. Bullying is not on, especially in your own home. It’s supposed to be a safe space.

  20. Supposedly pesticide neutralizer /remover. Vinegar , or citric acid with water can also be used I believe.

  21. YTA. I’m not a morning person. I am not a rude ass bitch about though. I just won’t initiate a conversation. But you’re mad at this guy for what? Existing in a space he pays to exist in? Being a happy enough person to enjoy being awake? Loving you?

  22. That’s assuming you consider an indoor cats life to be living. Personally I think its a sad excuse for a life.

  23. Idk. My cat seems quite happy to nap in the sun and sit on my lap and chase his toys.

  24. I have had many cats, this is mere opinion backed scary stats. Do I keep my pet in prison their entire life? Or let them have a life. And be happy. I had to say goodbye to my best friend. My kitty of 20 years. He always had freedom. Lived in rough parts of town. Near super busy roads. Went for walks Downton. Lived in 5 places. Nothing made that cat happier than his freedom and respect. Our animals are our friends. Not our possessions. Get them spayed and neutered. Put a bell on to give the birds, A head start. Let the animal be. What they are.

  25. Pets are possessions though. You own them. Regardless, cats should not be allowed to roam. They are brutal on local wildlife, not just birds. They’re susceptible to so many diseases. They’re also a nuisance because they shit in your neighbour’s yards and flower beds.

  26. Well yeah? It’s not anyone else’s job to work to pay your bills. Get yo ass a job.

  27. You kinda ( no offense) sound like my folks.

  28. You kinda (no offence) aren’t taking responsibility for yourself. Your problems. Your solutions. Not your parents. Not your friends.

  29. Around Rio Terrace (west end) they have a nice ravine and it’s lovely in there. Or around the 87st River valley system or rundle park.

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