1. i mean thats just how professional boxing is. you fight cans to build up your record and experience and get tested once in a while as you move up.

  2. Not really, he should have stepped up a long time ago and if you actually watch his fights he’s competitive with these guys which is sad he’s supposed to blow these guys out the water

  3. “Come on man” is what the first sparring partner said, should have complained to the coach or quit the session entirely.

  4. I honestly couldn't tell if either of them had more than 3 months training

  5. Rukiya anpo(the blonde guy) is a former super lightweight k-1 champ and currently ranked #8 best super featherweight after dropping down in weight

  6. I noticed the Kung Fu guy never took one step backwards, just kept walking forward like a zombie

  7. No one wanted to take on the man with a bat shouting racial slurs but the fat fella was easy money

  8. You and your boys are pussies. Imagine thinking sucker punching someone who's trying to stop anyone from getting hurt is cool. Losers

  9. Sprawl shorts..... How old is this?

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