1. IMO you will see much greater gains with C2 rather than EL; also EL is not so universal weapon as SoH so the value of the weapon is niche depending on your roster

  2. Melt Ganyu with shenhe feels clunky and getting staggered while aiming is a thing so I still prefer zhongli

  3. Raiden is proven to be very good at C0 let's see when Yae is out.

  4. I am afraid that due to her popularity yae will end up being a gatcha trap; we’ll have to wait and she that on her releases but raiden has already been proven her worth

  5. well so far, every 5 star limited character have been very good and well balance except some like ganyu

  6. Bruh the post clearly is asking for opinion/advice and ofc it will be personal/subjectective and biased

  7. I got the same situation with my gf; I got all the luck she loses every 50/50; long story short we started comparing our chars and arts with each other and that was the point we realized how toxic it become so we took a break and once our brain was deprived from the dopamine induced artifacts grind we just realized that is just a game

  8. Disrespectful goblet; only cryo since you have amos other than that looks decent, you might want to go cdmg head instead

  9. But she still has a Bis a good 4p while Xiao and possibly Yae will be stuck using 2 pieces

  10. It could be Ayato is another HP% based DPS and it just happens that Hu Tao can benefit from it or even nuker Zhongli. Perhaps the Jade Cutter rerun before his release was the sign.

  11. That would make jc his bis and confirm that mihoyo listens to mtashed’s “wishes”

  12. With your roster going for zhongli and pulling for kazuha seems to be more beneficial than pulling for another electro character imho as you will enable much more comps

  13. Thank you! Do you have any specific artifacts in mind or is it just the general ones?

  14. Ganyu with freeze build blizzard cdmg focused 20-40% cr Shenhe 2 glad 2 shime Mona with 4pc nobles and you can go with prototype amber for the extra heal Kazuha 4 pc VV

  15. Yep this is the best team you can build for her, however you need to get used to, rotation of this team. Shenhe hold E was probably made with Ganyu in mind, but i dont know if its worth it.

  16. True but with Ganyu Q into shenhe E Q into swirl into Mona Q the value is too high to even try to exploit the hold E mechanic

  17. I was farming since the domain came out and spent 2 weeks of daily refreshes as well. Only this week I got my first crit dmg circlet with crit rate sub

  18. Pairing zhongli with a healer is already meta case in point Bennett or XQ. Indeed it seems they want to shift the game making Zhongli less of a god tier unit but he still has a lot to offer in a team comp. geo resonance and 20% shred are great values that can be found in other unit. Plus you give him ToM and you have another buffer in the team with decent dmg if build with crit geo dmg hp/atk

  19. The last one checks all the boxes Great crit ratio, nice crit dmg 2k atk over 130% ER

  20. It’s reference to Greek methodology representing Diogenes who was “looking for a honest man”

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