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  1. Absolutely, the grip on her hands looks almost violent, makes my hands ache a bit.

  2. I know this isn't the explain like I'm 5 sub but could someone if possible explain what's happening. Is it deteriorating and like fused back or mutating. Just real confused. Also if someone has like stomach cancer is the same thing happening in there stomach too?

  3. If it pops back up on my feed, and if I can see it - I will absolutely update you.

  4. Im in Northern Canada and am affected by SAD and didn't clue in to that - thank you for pointing that out - it makes a lot of sense.

  5. Ugh, the number of people on here going by the logic of "there exists a photo of this kid looking happy at some point in his life, so - its not rape" is un-fucking-real.

  6. I'm not sure the quality of the shows improves all that much, in regards to value. I do really hope that many of the fans are one-and-done when they see the shows, and that the adults simply don't know any better. It's really sad that their impressionable children have been consuming devoid-of-talent, ignorant and intolerant trash in the first place.

  7. Budget whiskey, enjoyed by the Queen herself, Elizabeth Jamison

  8. This is a while out, but your post showed up when I searched. I just slept until 5pm, and am looking forward to going back to sleep in a few hours.

  9. I'm upset that not one, but TWO of those heinous dresses exist.

  10. I'm a straight guy in his mid 40s. One night I had a dream that I fucked myself. But it was a fatter, hairier version of myself with a bad Ron Jeremy mustache.

  11. Nomatter where you go, what you do, or what you believe, you will never escape American propaganda unless you leave the country.

  12. I'm in Canada, 13 hours north of Montana and we still see MAGA merch and Trump stickers on vehicles. It's absolutely insane.

  13. Same way I do now, but wouldn't have to worry about everything flying out when I sneeze or sniffle.

  14. My guesses are either - hanging like a bat, or suspended in a viscous liquid with a custom snorkel.

  15. Who knew you could hold a camera that wrong?

  16. I imagine it was the driver who got out and took the photo.

  17. I was watching a YouTube channel where they show interrogations, and apparently your rights are called "the Miranda warning" or something like that? It was so weard hearing that name in such a serious setting.

  18. Hi :) I remember being curious about why they're called that (I'm from Canada, not the US). There was a Supreme Court case in 1966 - Miranda vs Arizona. The man's last name is Miranda and after hours of interrogation, confessed to violent crimes committed against a woman. They appealed based on the fact that Miranda was not aware of his right to have a lawyer, and against self-incrimination. That appeal led to the requirement to notify people of their rights during arrest.

  19. Quite a few people are mentioning that "maybe he didn't know" , which is totally fair, and seems to be the case, but Google is a thing - and he's obviously not even trying to understand. What a donk.

  20. I don't think you're supposed to gaze at the sun - she's full of poor choices

  21. So many of these! Even saw it posted once about two months ago by someone I was so certain was smarter than this. Sad.

  22. Ugh, it's so disappointing. Between pandemic responses and MLM, I've lost respect for many more people than I anticipated over the past few years.

  23. I vote slapping him with the ladder, feels more like WWF

  24. Does ... does it go in your vagina? Or does it cause urinary retention? I don't think this is the sell they think it is.

  25. Soul crushing dehydration 🤣... that made my day haha never heard anything so ridiculous.

  26. I mean, if you're expecting a Barbie's Ken / Lisa Frank man - you get what you get.

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