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  1. Actually chickenism was very based and progressive in Ukraine - Ukrainian girl I knew in my neighborhood 2019

  2. No you are all wrong. Carbism is the superior ideology, because carbs are the superior life form.

  3. Untrue Crab aren't healthy for you. Crabbyism (if you know you know) is the only true ideology


  5. I'm gonna take that joke for my comic.. Something about how the Netherlands sinking and they ask how is of live and dutch says because of high.

  6. I don't thing he uses limbs and he's an exception since it looks good this is shit.

  7. I wish to make a comic book esque comic for polcompball. At this point I am politically illiterate over the years. One thing that stands is my corny sense of humor which I shall used to make my 1960s esque comic just coz'. I shall make sure my next comic is even more goofier and nonsensical.

  8. Stay tuned. It'll be coming out within this week. Maybe next week since I was out all day today.

  9. How old is this comic? I remember seeing it in like 2019 I think.

  10. Ah. I swore I resd this a year before. One of the most memorable comics. Mandela Effect I guess lol.

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