1. Eating Raoul was just terrible, I wasn’t able to finish it. Not funny at all.

  2. $600, 89 Spacemen 3. Don’t spend big money on tees anymore though, that was a couple years back.

  3. I’ve never heard of 584s but yea, probably some money. Would love pictures of them plus some of the inside tag if that’s possible

  4. Really really good, thanks for posting this and keep it up. Killer record

  5. What’s the zipper? Doesn’t look to be LVC based on no care tags and size under the label.

  6. Manufactured by Pennsylvania Bottle Company, Wilcox, Pennsylvania (1940-1952)

  7. Night of the Hunter, Hour of the Wolf (the first and only Bergman I’ve watched so far, changing that this month too), Eyes Without a Face, Diabolique, and Don’t Look Now are all on the list for this month

  8. I just watched hour of the Wolf last week. I've been debating whether to add night of the hunter to my October watch list this year.

  9. I’ve been needing to watch it for a long time Bc I love noirs and feel like October is the perfect time for a noir that’s also spooky

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