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  1. yes, but if you'll pm me your handle we can meet up, I'll dispose of it properly for you.

  2. Our policy goes even further, no snooping in IM's unless forced to by a court order. Privacy lawsuits aren't fun to defend against.

  3. What state are you in? Florida here. Ours says anything on company equipment is ours, no dibs, that includes wifi so you better use tinder on your own 4g.

  4. If they haven't opened it yet you can recall the message. I'm sure you knew that? I would suggest that person disable autosending, or if they web then crank up the timer for Undo and educate about use. I think default is ten seconds.

  5. I've only rarely seen recalling work properly. It usually just sends a new email saying "so and so would like to recall this email" which is even worse.

  6. well, the only thing to do is send 100 more messages and hope they don't feel like scrolling down

  7. Me? Nothing. The company I work for is probably just going to stay on 10 as long as possible. It's their money.

  8. Same here. Doesn't help that the manufacturers whose cars we sell are behind the times.

  9. We have an old app that requires silverlight. If you want to be a hero, set up enterprise mode for edge and make a site list. That will force sites to open IE11 mode. Otherwise they can add the site themselves under settings- default browser.

  10. Didn't we just have this same thread a few days ago? Yeah another wagon (blob or earlier), Sti (again blob or earlier) or an MR2 spyder, maybe with a K20 swap if I can find one. Maybe I'd talk my wife into getting a new car and wind up with her 07 Z roadster. Maybe it's time for another 60's something with a carb and leaf springs in the back, lol.

  11. Who does your website work? If nobody, then you're about to hire someone. Tell your boss you're delegating and it will cost X dollars.

  12. ebay, amazon, FB marketplace.. somebody out there did the same thing but decided to sell the other three to offset the cost of their aftermarket wheels

  13. the candor is shocking. I don't know if 60k is good for this type of work but 60 hours? effective rate is $20/hr, so maybe that's a way to judge it?

  14. Even if you don't go for this STI, there will be others. CVTs are fine but there's nothing like rowing through the gears all around town for making you feel like you're in one of those 60's racing movies where they're always going around corners in the mountains.

  15. no need, you probably didn't get it or they wouldn't be expanding the pool

  16. I don't know if you're too young to know that this can be done, or just a powershell snob.

  17. DIMA, so I can take him around to each person and make him tell me if they're a synth

  18. 2023 Nissan Z. Supra can’t compete with it. And why tf would you throw in a fwd choice

  19. yep, wife has an 07 roadster, if she upgrades I might take her car and park the wagon for a little while

  20. Those changes come through HR, please. I took the liberty of forwarding this email.

  21. I save up for car mods but end up spending it on the next thing that breaks.

  22. I can bring you to a live HR person, but first I need help finding my family's heirloom shoehorn.

  23. Are you me? This week is call center training, onboarding a new MSP, managing the security review from our corporate ownership, and of course someone's computer can't connect to wifi, can I please stop everything because that's totally important

  24. Should be great once it’s done, he said he’s going to get the paint redone professionally.

  25. Always excited to see another early one get some love. In my mind these are the japanese equivalent of early mustangs. Not the fastest but the firstest.

  26. I just called my claim department and they said if it’s still working they can’t do anything …. That it’ll have to be out of pocket… basically saying i have to wait till it fails on the road risking my life to get it covered lol…

  27. I think you misunderstood me. It might be that the shop has to replace the entire part because of their insurance liability. Nothing to do with who's paying, more about risk assessment.

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