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  1. The mod? I assume it's permanent until you remove it. As for the confetti, it flutters and lingers nicely, adding spectacularly to the effect.

  2. I imagine it’d be pretty sweet with incandescent too

  3. Yeah I have like 5 of them but haven’t used them yet. I’m going to now tho for sure. Was just curious if they expired after one activity or 25hrs or something. Thanks

  4. I don’t know what that is really dude. I’ve been playing off and on from casual to constantly since d1 vanilla but I don’t really go for badges. I just play the damn game bwahahaha I’m a unicorn I know but I love this Jack wagoned game !!!

  5. On now if you need a titty supporting Warhawk my dude! VikingensSkygge is muh name lmao

  6. I wont be on tonight but I’ll get your name for if we need a guy for some raids or dungeons yo

  7. You could give a friend your info and have them log on for you to collect the mods. You might have to stock up on some materials to exchange for glimmer if you plan on it being awhile and want all of them each sale. Otherwise just bring your system with you to some place, if you’re able, and log on whenever you see something you want on the app.

  8. Definitely. Weird how no Russian oligarch sons have been told to mobilize 🤔

  9. You know what would be cool? If you donated them to a homeless shelter or something.

  10. Looks like she misfired it before she shot. What a dumbass. Hope she rots in prison

  11. This should actually be an advertisement for this company and their impenetrable windows.

  12. No doubt. I’m really curious how much water pressure is being held back

  13. It works super well in Division 2. People can share items that they earn while they are partied up together and not after. So it’s sort of balanced. I’m not sure how well it would work in Destiny though.

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