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  1. Am I the only one who thinks River's eye implant is the cheapest in NC?

  2. Well they wanted the loophole fixed. But couldn't pass it because every Republican and sinema are paid by hedge fund managers. So I don't understand your point.

  3. Did you even read the title? Every single Republican voted against it. To group the Republicans with Sinema is clearly nonsense.

  4. Oh I was trying to say that all are paid by hedge fund managers. Republicans would rather hurt America just to say Democrats "lost".

  5. Still wrong. Forget one side is evil stance. Neither side is evil and both sides put party before "We the people".

  6. I agree. I understand why they did it. But it would have been better to limit the effect from duplicate mods than simply limit the number of mods. Probably harder to do though.

  7. It's also a sign you are low on coolant. Better check it when the car is cold. Just check the coolant overflow tank and make sure the coolant is at the cold level while engine is cold. Add coolant as needed.

  8. Depending on the repair, they may have drained the coolant. Once the coolant is put back in, you end up trapping air in the lines. This is generally resolved by burping the system. Sometimes it take more than one try to get all the air out. Which would explain why you are low on coolant. The air in the system gives the impression the coolant is at the right level.

  9. They've nominated non serious candidates for AG and SOS because of this trash too

  10. Trump was a non serious candidate. Careful what you wish for.

  11. It took until 1.5 just to be able to get a new haircut, so...yeah.

  12. The only add that would make sense is Parker. She uses sex to get what she wants. An early romance with her while she is trying to get V to cut Dex out of the run makes sense to me. It also wouldn't get in the way of the other options.

  13. I would suggest search the net for types of builds to give you an idea on what seems cool. Then follow the advice there. The game has a lot of replayability. I played a stealth/ Katana build. Currently doing an Annihilation build (shotgun and LMG shooter type). Doing a netrunner build as well at the moment. Go two more planned.

  14. You only find the email if you are from the Nomad path. Possibly Corpo. But not streetkid.

  15. The only thing Trump is guilty of is obstruction for putting a better lock of the storage locker at the request of the Federal government.

  16. It’s crazy that we can’t just immediately dismiss this because Trump was/is that bad.

  17. You can. It's more of the same Russia, Russia, Russia the left has been peddling since he was elected. Remember the Steele dossier? What came of that? Nothing. Just like this.

  18. Thanks. At first I watched it with the sound off. After listening to it I realized my mistake. I tried to delete comment but I couldn't find it in the 2k plus.

  19. Ever had your toe ripped off by a dolly before? Lol

  20. Right now it's lifting a 40 lbs kid. Let's see it do a 220 lbs fridge.

  21. I got best buy to refund for store credit just after launch. If you bought it after a full year of bad reviews, that's on you bruh.

  22. Skippy..the little guy gets me every time. Never giving you up!

  23. So people on the left are trying to force people to change what words they use... while also not talking about the subject at all?

  24. I don't think it's as organized as you may think. Facts are birthing person is replacing mother and the liberal media does not seem to mention it often. Infer what you will.

  25. Because it's not a problem that anyone should seriously care about?

  26. Education? Critical thinking? You're like if someone took the idea of "stupid" and gave it a keyboard. How are you comfortable with being such an embarrassment?

  27. It works like this, I don't take criticism from someone I wouldn't go to for advice.

  28. Seriously, you have enough vocabulary to mock intelligent discourse, but the only people you're fooling are the ones even dumber than you.

  29. True. A republican AG would have looked the other way, or maybe helped them commit election fraud.

  30. Nah. Probably would have targeted Democrats exclusively.

  31. I think you’re still missing it

  32. I mean his idea of a team of armed IRS agents traveling the globe conducting extrajudicial audits to generate money for the federal government sounds like the worst version of the A Team ever, but it’s “self financing”.

  33. Taxes fund the government. If the best the tax collectors can do is self finance, then they serve no purpose.

  34. Is this so you can have something to drive while you wait for a new TCM?

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