1. I’m trying to find the article about it but there was one recently, I believe here in Florida, where almost every case he touched involved drugs. A prosecutor got suspicious and was told multiple times to just leave it alone. She refused, went through hours upon hours of this cop’s body came footage, and found clear evidence of him planting drugs. The prosecutor was effectively run out of the county after exposing the cop.

  2. Yeah I was thinking of this one. The footage of people on his body cam getting utterly devastated as he destroyed their whole lives by planting meth just for his stats still haunts me.

  3. When I realised that most of the advice my mother gave me about women and dating was far far far better than what I got from my friends I learned a lot.

  4. I like taking it slow these days and I've had a real bad habit of being pressured into sex on first dates with people I don't really like.

  5. Both, really. It makes you a more persuasive person, but being familiar with persuasive techniques makes you less likely to be manipulated by them.

  6. I actually find it funny. I'm autistic and a lot of techniques such as mirroring don't work on me and actually really stand out to me when people try them as abnormal behaviour.

  7. Yeah. I trusted some people who were bald faced lying to me. Caused me some serious problems in my life. Not going to go into it though on Reddit.

  8. Nope. I'm 40, play regular sport, just had my 40 check up at the doctor and everything was great. No food/ gut problems. For my age I'm in peak physical condition.

  9. I just did a quick look at your profile. Your comment appears, not saying it is, exactly the same as a dog whistle on the subject and doesn't include anything about you enjoying them or thinking they are good for adults.

  10. There’s a lot of things I don’t post about. In fact, I don’t post about most things. Perhaps you noticed I don’t even post much at all. I only commented on this one thing I happened to come across that happened to show up on my feed. Dog whistle? Fuck you.

  11. I thought I was clear. I'm not saying it is a dog whistle. I'm saying it looks like it. It's an explanation, not an accusation. You might have just typed the exact wrong sentence.

  12. I'm a progressive but fuck me the left/ progressives are bad at marketing.

  13. Because less sexy M&M didn't get the outrage some people needed so they kept trying random things until a topic stuck.

  14. I used to work in a liquor store and homeless people wouldn't really buy much. For most of them a can of beer would be like a occasional treat. Even then most of them gravitated to the single cans we had on sale as they were close to expiry.

  15. A guy slapping his wife's butt wouldn't make it onto a show today? What kinds of shows are people watching where couples don't touch each other?

  16. Except for Obama (murder of a child) Biden (quid pro quo, abuse of political power for personal gain) Clinton (abuse of power, etc other crimes including theft of White House property) And many other politicians, so long as they are left-wing.

  17. So... you want presidential candidates arrested or not? Because you seem to be against the idea. Then suddenly you are for it?

  18. All I'm saying is you need to acknowledge that they make mistakes and should be held accountable.

  19. It's a genuine pity Trump didn't put serious anti-corruption measures in place or do, you know anything, to 'drain the swamp'.

  20. Probably my autism. At least that is the reason I give for being so bad at initialising contact. I think he just got sick of being the only one to reach out. So when he was more involved in his relationship and I didn't really reach out, neither did he.

  21. It was the year that a lot of things clicked for me. Finally figured out dating (well hooking up) as an autistic guy. Probably helped that I played sport or went to the gym 6 out of 7 days a week so was at peak fitness/ attractiveness. Was having a blast at uni. Great circle of friends.

  22. Look at the communities that actually make improvements. Copy what they are doing.

  23. In many countries its considered a well paying job. In mine its paid better than the USA for sure but could be more.

  24. I'm not saying this applies to your partner but my gf is very similar.

  25. From what I can tell the conservatives seems super concentrated in a smaller number of subs where as more progressive voices are more spread out and in more subs.

  26. And was like 10 years older than him. Rewatching now I see why the Kents were so concerned about the friendship. Sure its normally about the "Luthors" but there is also a weird age gap and a willingness to give Clark a lot of gifts.

  27. As a life long atheist I can't really speak to a crisis of faith as I've never had one. The obvious answer from me, is well probably not comforting.

  28. Good habits lead to good long term results. Constant testing isn't required.

  29. I don't think the problem is term limits. I think the problem is how important seniority is when it comes to holding positions of influence in committees and the like.

  30. Kind of ironic when you think about the amount of sexual abuse happens in the church, I remember George Pell.

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