1. Loving Versus Virginia, the one legalizing interracial marriage

  2. That's what I thought, but I didn't want to look stupid lol.

  3. At this point, Ginni Thomas is a liability for Clarence, and the MAGA will yell onto his ear to vote yea if overturning Loving comes up.

  4. He also famously had the CIA assassinated his democratically elected political opponents by tossing them from helicopters. He's a conservative folk hero.

  5. He is literally the reason why the US doesn’t really mess around in Chile anymore

  6. Warriors did the same shit last game.

  7. "We're going nowhere all night long. We just gotta keep cutting. That's all we're gonna do. And at the end of the night, that's gonna make us lose our license to practice"

  8. Doc is just Fizdale with even less coaching ability

  9. Chino Hills is a public high school, which is why it’s very impressive

  10. In a rich area with hella property tax lol, but LA has a LOT of ballers

  11. Im suprised scottie included michael and didn't just put himself twice

  12. I went to that game. Not even fucking with you, the last game i had gone to before that….his last game at TD 20 yrs prior. And when i ordered the tickets iso joe wasnt even on our team!

  13. Epic m8, can you please attend Kings games? Sacramento is nice, watch out for the cost of living and the allergies

  14. I’m a first-year but I’m in the class of 2024 (I get to graduate early since I had lots of college credit), and that probably helped. I wasn’t asked anything very hard, LC easy-medium on the OA and interview

  15. Don’t remember everything tbh because I did OAs at different companies but it was nothing tricky, like basic data structures lol

  16. Vivek is an imbecile but the dude has spent a lot of money on this shit team. He even helped pay for G1C and DoCo. He’s not perfect but his heart is undoubtedly in the right place. Too bad his brain isn’t.

  17. True, and plus he’s good on social justice issues (except for DV)

  18. Man I feel so bad for you guys. If the Maloofs wait like 1 year to sell, the new TV deal would have probably doubled the price of your franchise and would have priced Vivek out. I think you guys have the least rich majority owner in the entire league.

  19. But the 08 ression would make it tough on a small market team anyway

  20. He didn't bring up the capitol insurrection and Dumbkin was good at evading those attacks

  21. Yeah... Sacramento just feels like an abandoned team. That is just so damn brutal how mismanaged it has been

  22. Makes me realize having an owner who cares is a real luxury

  23. Our owner is selling NFTs on Twitter of a franchise that has not made the playoffs in 16 years.

  24. Hard to know exactly who screwed up with that.

  25. You guys shouldn’t trade Hali but you have to do something, probably tank honestly

  26. No i know like i said i wasn’t saying you were doing that it’s just a general statement

  27. I’m not saying this is what you’re doing with this comment but people who feel the need to say they’re a good person online are most likely not good people in real life

  28. Most of the time my areas unicom is empty. I mentioned something on my call about enjoying the Bay Area sunset on approach all alone and a United flight on the SFO ILS chirped up that he was enjoying the view too.

  29. So who are they going to invade now?

  30. The Russian people might not tolerate that.

  31. The old people support it, but the young don’t, because the young are Westernized

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