1. Inflammation. Adults eat a lot more foods that cause inflammation, and inflammatory molecules in those foods can accumulate in your tissues.

  2. Jeez, that was THIS year? It feels like it was years ago because so much more has happened since.

  3. Yep, it’s not pleasant but at least it’s not debilitating like the fatigue. So no fatigue, lethargy for you?

  4. I did not get fatigue from ALA. No noticable differences aside from urine smell. Took twice a day, and no change in body temp.

  5. The racist misogynist antisemitic talk is what won trump the primary the first time around and the entire republican party supported it 100%. I don't know why they want to pretend it's different this time.

  6. Because Ron DeSantis can out-trump Trump. All the evil with none of the gaffs.

  7. If you put a slice of lemon in your water, is it a glass of water or something else? What if you add a packet of electrolytes?

  8. He started as a child prodigy designing software and later helped create software that eventually became part of PayPal. Then when eBay bought PayPal Elon took the hundred million he got from the sale and stated Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX). He learned everything he could about rocket design and was hands on in creating first the Falcon I, which evolved into the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy etc. He isn't one of these take credit for other people's design, he was the lead designer of the Falcon. His daring nature and push to get things done took a near bankrupt space company to the leader in space services, the company that all the rest want to be. Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin a year BEFORE SpaceX and has yet to launch a single orbital class rocket or engine. SpaceX has launched 191 times, landed 152 times and relaunched rockets 127 times! So far they've launched 48 times in 2022. Nobody has come even close to that before.

  9. As a counterpoint, Dr. Ben Carson is a renowned and very well respected brain surgeon. But he believes the ancient pyramids were built to store grain. And he didn't accomplish anything good at HUD.

  10. Companies are modifying crops to use LESS pesticides. That's just another of the anti-GMO talking points that gets repeated, there's no real substance there.

  11. Are the modifying the plants by making the plants have more innate defenses against pests? And if so, those defenses are likely to be chemical - and more toxic to the pests.

  12. You only get pellagra if you almost solely subsist on corn alone (due to its low niacin value). Just eating a lot of corn isn't an issue and pellagra isn't the result of a "chemical defense". Its just a vitamin deficiency.

  13. I eat too much sugar cause I'm depressed. Now I have type 2 and am even more depressed. Evolution was a ripoff.


  15. If your GM is cool, ask him/her to buy you an electric heated vest or jacket, and a couple extra batteries. They are only $120, and work great!

  16. Twitter wasn’t inspiring anyone. …But what if it did?

  17. I think if you go above 140 within 1 hour after eating, that's trending towards type 2 diabetes.

  18. The task? The task is to Ssssccccrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee for the next 2 years.

  19. I am wondering how overstaffed are Google, MS, Meta etc.? When revenue is easy and plentiful productivity plummets and nonsensical report writing and developing senseless strategies is considered work.

  20. So on the whole, is it "people don't want to work" or is it "companies are bloated with useless employees"

  21. Strangely, the more you cut out the more free you feel.

  22. Ok, but those systems weren't connected to an ever-changing Internet. A website as big as Twitter can't just be left alone.

  23. How about waiting 3 months to really figure things out before making any drastic decisions.

  24. Not really, gaming is becoming incredibly harmful to society as the industry slowly merges with gambling.

  25. People who need to escape.... Escape via video games.

  26. Do you feel better when fasting or after eating?

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