1. Probably just CO2 and oxygen bubbles trapped in surface film.

  2. That's brilliant. I've never heard anyone bringing that up lol

  3. Look at him smiling. Mine looks like an angry potato.

  4. He definitely has his angry moments, especially when he’s moved so I can till the soil😂 But most of the time, he’s a content little blob lol

  5. Same lol. Mine would bury himself for 2-3 days every time I take him out for a weekly soak. He only does toilet in the water but never use his water dish. At least yours has a smiley face while mine stuck in amgry potat mode. Although he looks more like a choco chip cookie from the top haha

  6. It seems to be an Agave. I'm not sure which one though.

  7. Maybe it came with the hornwort I bought recently which introduced snails and nematodes but I only have one shrimp in this tank and I'm not sure I want any other animals with it.

  8. That's a damselfly nymph. Take it out or it will predate on shrimps and small fishes. Relocate it into a small pond or something.

  9. That looks similar to this

  10. It's trying to be a string bow tie lol

  11. Yes they'll crawl out by themselves. Be careful, the newly hatched babies can kind of climb plastic container walls. I usually coat the cage rim with talcum powder like you do for ant barrier. Also, your substrate looks a bit too wet. The eggs might get moldy if it stays that way.

  12. Strawberry pineapple cranwelli! I think his colours get a little darker when he's pissed off because his red isn't usually THAT red lol. In this photo it's almost a rust colour in normal photos it's a pinkish red.

  13. He's fuming lol.. I think i like this morph better than strawberry morph.

  14. Here's a pic with his normal colours right after he took a big poo lol:

  15. The red does look a bit less intense. But it could be because of the flash. I see it now, the pattern looks like bulging veins. That's why it looks mad lol

  16. When I first got mine, it was in a similar color as bottom left, brownish light green base color, sold as green tan. When stressed after the ride home, it's turning yellow like the above two. And then within two weeks, it's turning into a

  17. It's like a non-albino strawberry morph if it even exist. I thought it was a high red ornata at first. So cool!

  18. *pauses a video at an unnatural point in the creators face transitioning to different expressions*

  19. I watched this guy when I started to grow my hair out. He's pretty cool. He even chopped all his hair off, when his content is all about long hair, and and give it to charity to be made into wigs for sick people.

  20. Were they long thin worms or tiny maggots? If they are maggots, they could be

  21. i don’t think it was them i think they where gnat larve because they weren’t that chubby and they where clear i don’t think it’s a parasite though because they weren’t long enough to look like it

  22. Hopefully they're just some kind of fly larvae. But you should monitor your frog just in case. If the worms already exist on the newly pooped one then they probably are parasites. Try searching for roundworms, tapeworms and pinworms for reference. They're common parasites in wild frogs and toads.

  23. OP's seems to be a fantasy as well. Most of them have a wing like dorsal pattern. Whereas cranwellis have 4-6 big blotches

  24. It's a Katydid. If you find a strange looking grasshopper, it's almost always be a katydid lol

  25. Do all katydids have wings? This one doesn’t appear to have any. Also didn’t have that shape on the dorsal “neck” below the head like other katydids that opens to create its chirping if that makes sense.

  26. Well technically all of them have wings, even the ones that look like they don't have them. But this one is still a nymph, hence the small wing buds.

  27. The red one seems like a low grade cherry shrimp to me, but Im not sure. They were sold just as feeder shrimp, but I bought them for my shrimp only tank. I'd like to know what exactly they are

  28. The other one seems to be a 'wild type' cherry shrimp and both of them have the 'saddle' or ovaries, so they're females.

  29. That's really awesome man. I had kept them years ago. Behind their mean look they're actually pretty skittish and cowardly lol

  30. Yup, a spike with bulbous bottom, definitely a flower.

  31. I got a few cuttings on the mail today and I tried having these frogbits sit right on the water but only one leaf faces up! All of them are sideways/upside down. I tried a pot but can't seem to plant them high enough so it doesn't rot. So for now they're just chilling in my bowl.

  32. CMIIW but i think what you have is an european frogbit not amazon frogbit. They belong to the same family but two different plants.

  33. Exactly, it's an european frogbit! But it still should face the surface...

  34. Yea by the looks of it, european frogbit is less floaty than the amazon frogbit but it should be okay even with a few submerged leaves. The new leaves should grow right on the surface.

  35. I mean they look overstocked but if op is doing water changes like multiple times a week and is truly taking care of them, I can’t complain at all. Water looks clear! How long have you had them?

  36. This might be an unpopular opinion but I agree. Water looks great and the fish looks healthy that means the filter and water changes are managing all the waste properly. Sure the crowded look is not pleasing to some but if the fish are stressed out from it, they wouldn't display such bright colors and begging for food. Have you ever seen a stressed discus before? Yes, the fish might not display their best natural behaviour being so close to each other, but that doesn't mean they're unhealthy. I mean just look at it.

  37. Lol I bet the OP is feeling some relief. Considering how this sub decide to unleash on him/her

  38. I hope so. Some people just like to play the moral high ground without seeing the bigger picture. For all we know, OP might even have more fish keeping experience and knowledge than most people here. If not, those fishes wouldn't look that great.

  39. Looks like Sagittaria subulata to me.

  40. How do endlers go with shrimp? I've been considering a few for my ember tetras to come out. They are pretty timid.

  41. Well most fish will eat shrimps if given the chance. They usually go for the babies and weakened shrimps. But the shrimps should breed just fine if they have plenty of place to hide. Theoretically, shrimps would do better with endlers/guppies than any tetras since they mostly occupy the mid-upper water level. Currently I have guppies, black neon tetras and cardinal tetras together and the shrimps are thriving. You might want to get more embers if they're less than 10. IMO schooling fish do better in groups of 12-15 mininum.

  42. I have a group of 10 embers at the moment. Which I thought would have been but there's no harm increasing that to 15.

  43. Cool. Go for odd numbers. The schooling pattern looks more pleasing to the eye. For me at least.

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