1. Point out the DPS who does not require aim? Especially to Moira's degree

  2. Bajf says:

    Well the obvious heroes are turret heroes Torbjorn and Symmetra (meaning their turrets don’t require aim) - but Symmetra also has a beam just like Moira.

  3. Moira's beam does have a lock-on effect, Symm's does not.

  4. Bajf says:

    Moira’s lock-on is purely visual, it does not lock on or track targets at all. It looks that way because of the animation, and the hit box being a cone beam.

  5. Bajf says:

    If only everyone was like you honestly.

  6. I think the bit that feels the worst was for like 2-3 weeks I was thinking "AH I finally understand why some people rise to super high ranks and some don't, it was just about making a sincere effort every time you play". I thought I finally got to the core of how to really excel in this game.

  7. Bajf says:

    Yeah I think you have exactly the right mindset, and I think some people are just bitter/trolls

  8. I think it could be one, the inventor, but not both. The other is a climatologist

  9. I haven’t read this yet but I just want to say: the way you formatted it, and the flair “news and discussion”- I definitely thought this was a copy pasted blogpost at first glance and freaked out for a second

  10. Post in overwatch university for a VOD review

  11. Ok I'll do that, guessing it's a sub?

  12. Yeah just search overwatch university and post a replay- explain the hero / your name.

  13. Just tested it, its difficult to measure exactly but something like this:

  14. Interesting, so Brig has 4 second cooldown, with 70 damage, similar boop, but only one target.

  15. The boop guy is because he has an environmental knockback AOE on a cooldown ability. His pixel is almost exclusively gained by wallriding and booping environmental kills.

  16. If it were Blizzard adding AI, the bots would be more capable than many actual players to be honest.

  17. I am starting to think they really are ignoring it. I see more and more hackers, more bots and fake accounts, less people responding or seeming to be "real" at all. Wish they would've kept 2CP Maps in Comp and also ever since they did Role Queue the game really went down for me and its uniqueness. Unfortunately for me the social element is the most fun part of the game, I like to work as a group/team and communicate, and most the time I'm basically just playing a comp 5v5 game essentially solo.

  18. You might like or discord to to try to find a group of people to play with. I think there’s a LFG on reddit also for overwatch.

  19. Yeah that’s aimbot po

  20. I’ve had the same where there’s no recoil at all. It’s possible they’re clicking the trigger really quickly (burst shots reduce recoil). I’ve thought it might be Ximmers, but you can never tell for sure.

  21. It’s a maximum of 50% damage reduction from all sources then stackable up to 65% including armour.

  22. Seems like if you generally suck at this game, but do well when nobody can see you- Your issue the whole time has been positioning.

  23. Yeah that’s the other thing I’ve found. I had never gotten a play of the game before yesterday and yesterday I got 3 with sombra because I’ll sneak behind enemy lines, kill a sniper, kill a support, and then finish the tank that the support was healing.

  24. I just saw in your other comment that you just started! I had assumed you’d been playing for a few weeks/months already!

  25. Honestly, as for all of OW2, it feels the most balanced to me now.

  26. I agree with the game being the most balanced rn and most of the heroes......except for Cass. His nade remains bullshit and is throwing things off too much for my liking, considering his already strong damage output. And I still think we need to have a discussion about one shots, even for snipers but in general I agree with you

  27. Yeah you’re right, the Nade could do with either a hit box reduction or a slight damage reduction. It’s like a guaranteed kill at the moment, but it’s on a fairly long cooldown and his ult/roll suck completely.

  28. Pretty average, the ranks are

  29. I think it was in the past, as far as I know there aren’t new statistics since private profiles skew any data aggregation sites.

  30. There’s not really anything you can do outside of trying your hardest to carry the game.

  31. I know you were being serious, and I hope my response didn’t come off as sarcasm. It was almost always stomps, I can only remember a few times my team ever captured a single objective or pushed a payload to a checkpoint. It almost never happened.

  32. What is it that you feel that you’re bad at? Is it securing kills, positioning, gamesense, objective play, ultimate use, hero selection?

  33. I wish I could tell you if it was something in particular. I’m 600 hours in can say it’s probably a combination of all of that. And even after many dozens of hours watching videos these past few years on how to improve I just can’t keep up.

  34. I’m on console in NA, I can duo with you and we can stay in group chat not team chat and I can duo with you and/or spectate and give you tips if you want? :)

  35. Thanks for the advice! Ill have to keep in mind about pocket healing the highest dps if my team is failing hard. I just wanted to win 1 match then hop off. Im gold 2 if that adds any additional context! I used to be a diamond Mercy but i stopped playing a long time ago. Just wanted to climb the ranks like i used too :(

  36. I personally find it boring, but the common suggestion of playing Moira is honestly good advice. Gold is on the edge of her beginning to be less effective (but still effective!) - she still heals and outputs DPS but people can handle her more competently usually.

  37. Ive never played Moira really, so ill take your advice and try her out some! Admittedly i dont know if id enjoy her much, since ive never really vibed with any other healers.

  38. If you’re a mercy main, you’ll probably love her.

  39. Mei and Sym. I hate dying to them, I get irrationally tilted because I know I shouldn’t be dying to them.

  40. We just killed 4 of them. Why aren't we going to point? "That solo Zen is scarwee"

  41. When you make a play that takes out 3 but you trade and leave it 2v4 and you go to death spectating to watch your whole team be killed by a Zen and a baby Dva.

  42. Well yeah because below Platinum, barely anyone can hit Lucio.

  43. I can survive easily if I do my own thing, but I gotta be near the team to heal or speed, and they don’t like it when I leave them behind to survive :(

  44. Being able to lift your teammates off the ground or obscure players vision is my guess.

  45. Yeah lots of people thinking it’s overlord and he will be able to pick people up.

  46. It’s the twink in a mech, he’s a baby-faced Korean.

  47. This honestly seems like a therapy problem, not the video game.

  48. Genji of course. He was younger when he was beaten and now is a cyborg.

  49. The only one that makes me laugh is “and Dey say”

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