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  1. Second trimesters I always the fastest because the first, I’m full of anxiety and the third, I’m full of anxiety lol

  2. It’s stigmatized here because we have options vs other parts of the world. Most don’t have other spaces to put baby. We bed-shared for the first year. But we’re very light sleepers and VERY cautious. I think it depends and you have to trust yourself. I suggest not doing a lot of bed sharing because it’s good to get baby used to sleeping alone.

  3. I wore a thong around then and I ended up with one of those chafing rashes along my panty line. I thought it was an infection and when I got checked out, my ob said for sure it was just a rash because I had ingrown bumps. Haven’t wore underwear since lol I guess since gaining a little weight, my throngs got tighter which caused more friction and my underwear did feel tighter. Just make sure they’re stretchy if you do.

  4. Chandi is not getting it people, unfortunately. It’s the same exact hype that was around Ashley being point. Claire is getting it.

  5. I never disliked Caroline, she just never stood out to me. She was always a blender until it came time to pick point last year and THEN I noticed her but more so felt she’d get point for her look. Which she did. But I knew she’d get it over the other options.

  6. My toddler found an under couch pouch with a zipper that she started playing with. Check furniture. Oh and shoes!

  7. He could be giving too many prunes. I give my toddler two prunes a day and the one time she was given 4 or 5, she was having crazy blowouts. Prunes are powerful. She’s never been constipated when I consistently gave them to her. She just might be eating wayyy to many of them.

  8. My favorite season. Season 1 is so underrated.

  9. Season 1 was the worst because of how the ECBC Regina George wannabes treated Nikki.

  10. Coach Marcus can’t act for anything. It’s always so bland.

  11. That’s disgusting and lazy. Teach the kids to hold it and use a restroom when there’s one available. That’s a terrible habit of the school. I’d complain about it.

  12. It’s not as bad as people think, as long as you time naps, feedings and stuff like that. I like to make sure my toddler would be sleepy, have snacks, stuff to play with. She’s loud here and there but she’s a child and that’s expected. She’s been on 16 flights since she was born. People are more understanding than you understand. No one is going to be mad because a child is being a child.

  13. "Exceptions aren't the rule" sure, but they do prove a rule wrong if the rule doesn't allow for exceptions. If x+y doesn't always equal z then your formula is wrong.

  14. Yeah, right. Fortunately, it isn’t rocket science to understand the basic differences of the sexes and also understanding the two shouldn’t be blended in some wishful land of make believe to make a few people feel better. Majority, a large majority of transwomen are men who decided they wanted to present as female. Women and transwomen are not the same and most people aren’t going to lie about it. we all know the truth. You can show your little bias articles to push the agenda but it isn’t as complicated as people like you want to make it. An argument can’t stand on “complicated” ground.

  15. "It isnt rocket science to understand the basic differences between the sexes." Sure, the BASIC differences. Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, biology and sex is a little more complicated than what you learned in the fifth grade?

  16. Can we appreciate just how great he looks with the beard? Such a good look for him!

  17. I missed the live primere and tried to watch two hours later and couldn’t.

  18. Marshall is far too feminine for most women. Yes a lot of women want the “nice guy” but not when he’s packed with a feminine personality: it can be a turn off. Jackie was wrong for the way she went about it but she wasn’t wrong for feeling that way. You can’t be with someone who’s “nice” and ignore everything else that matters.

  19. Meredith obviously shouldn’t have made it and for whatever reason, they pushed for her so hard that she actually made it. Even though a lot of girls would’ve been better.

  20. He’s the funniest person I know and not in the cliche sense but he can make me laugh more than anyone I’ve ever met. And his ambition and discipline is outstanding, truly inspiring.

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