1. Walk. It’s so clearly about him I think he’d get it

  2. Walk was also not explicitly about Kurt either.

  3. Because Dave has explicitly said that this was not solely about Kurt.

  4. I’m an LT, but the same rules apply - I see it as like a “mom and dad” type of thing.

  5. Would you argue that’s the same with other junior officers you’ve worked with for a while? Might just be because I’m aviation, but even as a 2LT, talking conversationally on a first name basis with CPT’s was nerve-racking at first but surprisingly regular.

  6. Powerplant Construction Manager, currently in flight school

  7. I work in powerplant construction, so when I’m truly working, I’m on the road. When I’m on recovery, I work from home and answer emails/join conference calls/etc.

  8. Wait for 3 or so months until you are up to speed and performing again, than have a generic conversation about career path to test the waters. 1.5 years leave is a hard reset of all previous commitments and achievements, so treat it almost as a cold start.

  9. Yeah that’s kind of what I was figuring I’d do, thanks for the input!

  10. Is Low Twelve RA still a thing in Massachusetts? Don’t see much about them online. Any links about the group in general would be appreciated. TIA.

  11. I can’t imagine the wait as the last person in a line of 1.4 million. Shit be longer than the rides at Disney.

  12. My only complaint is that this does not accurately show LibLeft as the “Let’s Fucking Gooooooooo” face that we all know that they truly are in this situation.

  13. See a ridiculous post title, look at OP’s name tag, smile, and read the comments.

  14. how many push-ups and sit ups would you recommend a day? Also, would running a mile a day be sufficient?

  15. Go for quality over quantity. 10 actual push-ups will get you shit on at first, but with consistent practice, you will improve greatly.

  16. So basically after the last 4 years of screaming that he's a literal Zurg-like evil rapist emperor scheming to bring down America by collaborating with Putin and Nazis, the only actionable thing they have is a possible bribe involving a porn star seven years ago?

  17. Didn't we do that like a decade ago?

  18. Guy did you miss the memo or something. It’s Cold War 2.0.

  19. Honestly basic is CAKE. The army got soft. We have 4 days off. We only got smoked the first week of red phase and after literally nothing. Pt is ass…. We don’t work out or anything is literally recovery based. We did like 2 AGR runs and that’s it a mile and mile and a half and that’s it. The forge all we did was nick at night and than dig a fox hole and chill in it for 2 days than rucked back. Basic is easy, just a lot of hurry up and wait.

  20. When I first heard Making A Fire, I legitimately thought they had transitioned into dad rock hahaha

  21. If this is legitimately #26, I would love to hear the first 25 situations.

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