1. Agreed. Like, they’re the least awful of the teams at the bottom, so why not let ‘‘em play in playoffs

  2. Little known fact: using all-caps increases the persuasiveness of a message 400%

  3. Landlords in Japan reject renters for being old, female, or with a family. Landlords here seem to be able to do what they want and the public thinks that’s ok. Almost like landlords are renting out a part of their own home. So, of course also being foreign would be reason enough.

  4. Use ChatGPT. Dump your essay in and give it the same prompt that you write above.

  5. The way he looks around it’s like he’s waiting for his buddy to come pick him up

  6. Screenshot it. Get round to reading it when I have time. Now, let’s look at more Reddit

  7. AND he played the titular character in ALL three movies: Ace, Mask dude, and Dumb or Dumber. Not like a supporting actor who happened to be in three hit movies

  8. There has never been a year when someone doesn’t gripe about the “state of things” in the NHL.

  9. I’d drink it now. It hasn’t peaked if you drink it straight out of the bottle. Let it breathe and it’ll be delicious

  10. Don’t worry. The democrats are in power and they’ll stop this, right? Right? RIGHT?!?

  11. “Gary, film me playing with these guys but also keep a look out for that leopard. Gary, you listening?” “Got it. Film you”

  12. Like an abusive partner, I keep coming back. “This time’ll be different, right? Right?”

  13. They got a shout out in Sideways and became harder to get. A solid, solid Cali Pinot.

  14. Amazing that “Trump” is spelled right in all these signs thou

  15. The fastest way to make it let go is to grab its balls really hard or a finger in the b-hole.

  16. There is also the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at USJ in Osaka

  17. So is the best pizza, the best coffee, the French food, the best beef, pretty every food…except Mexican lol

  18. And they’ll do this with a ton of talent sitting out. Crazy!

  19. Started as a novelty due to the cool uniforms but has grown into a smart idea. Makes money merch-wise AND now has two possible fan bases: Carolina and Connecticut

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