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  1. They would have thrown more eggs but they ate the rest of them

  2. I just ordered this case and was wondering if exhaust fans can fit above the motherboard?

  3. Maybe a small 40mmx20mm fan or two. There's not much room though.

  4. I've got some June to Septembers, 2.5 months to 6 months on Saturday, and 2 months to 5 months. Crazy how much they grow in 3 months 🥺

  5. Yeah this is the first time I've own kittens and it's crazy how much they grow :c

  6. I picked one up and it comes with black frail plastic handles too. In this set up there’s a bit of a pinch between the thumb webbing when fired. Gloves it’s great. I shot 300 rounds and and I had peeled back skin. I took it out put 100 through it. Started to feel it. But it’s my 100% will work to fire 6 or 12 with the reloader. Gets me to my family and safe. I like craft holsters leather IWB with a thumb break. (I also get monogrammed like a douche). Same for the reloader holder they make. But I love this. I don’t worry about magazines and ok for ccw. I carry and fits my belly well. Bought one for my step dad too. Not sure if just mine but I had to unscrew the handles and the screw head has to be facing out the left side

  7. Yeah I got this for ccw (whenever I get my permit). Mine had a slight defect when I got it too. My cylinder release had a bent and it wouldn't not lock the cylinder in place. It was an easy fix though.

  8. How do you like it? I’m really interested in picking one up!

  9. Never fired it but I love the feel and size!

  10. Grab a 856 Taurus for less than a $100 more and you will thank yourself.

  11. I was actually looking at those in case I couldn't fix the release issue. Where do see it being $100 less? I got this for $270 and all the 856s are in the $320s.

  12. I said for less than $100 more. $320-$270 = $50 = less than a hundred more.

  13. Use some “Kroil” it works wonders, then apply some heat with a heat gun or a hair dryer gently tap it forward with a brass punch until it begins to move freely. Rock Islands are notorious for using soft steel on their firearms. A bur may be inside the channel and may need to be removed. But you have to get it moving first.

  14. This sounds solid. I'll give this a try tonight and update you.

  15. The cylinder wasn't actually stuck but the pole that attaches it to the release has bent (see picture below). Used a C-Clamp and tweezers to straighten it and everything works well now.

  16. My personal experience with them was very much the opposite of "good customer service",

  17. Yikes. Funny enough, i did stumble across your post before buying. I should have heeded the warning.

  18. Not OP. I can go thru my history and try to find OP in a bit

  19. Upvoted for the energy! Let's gooo. Heat in 4

  20. Might not be the best angle for form check... I'm relatively new to deadlifting (started January). Any advice helps 🙏

  21. is your goal gaining or losing? Looking good tho!

  22. Thanks! I'm cutting. I started April last year around 215. Trying to get some last minute improvements before the 1 year mark

  23. Almost 50lbs, that's impressive. You can see the finish line, keep pushing brother!

  24. Nice progress! I would keep cutting til you stall, maybe consider a maintenance phase for a couple weeks soon as you've lost a lot of weight! Maybe watch a few RP videos on the subject too Dr. Mike knows his shit about this stuff

  25. Thanks! I feel like this journey has been (unintentionally) cutting for a month then maintenance for a month. Good looks on the channel and vid recommendation also!

  26. Nissin for something with broth Indomi for no broth But my heart wants me to say pancit canton

  27. Lmao Kareem literally "helped him out" if he had actually read through the post.

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