1. Oh man I love this and such nice looking ones to service.

  2. My fantasy is to have several to play with and several to fill me with.

  3. Looks like you need someone to clean that up for you.

  4. I’ll make you eat your cum off new afterwards

  5. I’ll lick it clean and then suck the next one out.

  6. Well I would share at least. I would like my own turn from both ends.

  7. They are both nice but I want to suck your big cock.

  8. I go by myself quite often and at yes there is a couple there. At times they'll stay in their booth and have cocks come to them thru the hole or other times we'll go to a larger booth. I do have a gf I take in occasion and we have a great time. I'm BI so it works out great. Well start out in a smaller booths and suck cocks thru the hole, then go to the larger booths so both she and I can get fucked properly. We usually end up fucking 4-5 different guys. And they all cum in her pussy, and I naturally fuck her then and use theirs as a lube. As if she needs lube at that point. Lol... Then I'll suck her pussy clean. This is in fort worth by the way. Anyone interested??

  9. That’s a very hot story. Which location do you go to?

  10. First thing I would do is give you a hug, then pick you up, lay you on the table and eat dinner.

  11. I would love for you to use my ass as you see fit.

  12. If it gets dry I will add my own cream and lick it out too. ;) so hot

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