Outrage mounts in D.C. after man fatally shoots boy, 13, he suspected was breaking into cars

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  1. Stop running everywhere, you give your position away as well as your teammates.

  2. I thought they fixed their grids for winter? Wth?

  3. I don’t know much about modern jets but aren’t the MIG29s that Ukraine uses pretty much up to par with the F16? Enough to do the job? Why would they need our jets?

  4. Turkey is a regional power broker. If they had even moderatly capable leadership, they would be dominating the entire region, perhaps the muslim world at this point given the recent events of the past few years. They are not a country that can be expelled from NATO. Even if they're assholes. Probably the reason they are being assholes.

  5. Honestly I understand why they are the way they are. Can’t worry about the European down the street threatening to evict you when the Russian next door already has a Molotov in hand. They can’t go pissing off really either side, I don’t envy their position.

  6. Don’t forget to mention 1883, pretty much a perfect western. Yellowstone with its neo-modern take on the modern cowboy and 1923. Yeah I think we’re good.

  7. Umm we already have something like that, 1883, 1923, Yellowstone.

  8. Bro I just went to buy 4 bags of chips for football Sunday. That shit cost me 18 dollars!! Like what!? Before this I could go and get that for around 11 dollars! 18 is just ridiculous. Inflation is fucked this year.

  9. Compared to the garbage we currently have in MW22? 19 had maps leaps and bounds ahead.

  10. Hell no, MW2019 had the worst map roster in the franchise, and it just kept getting worse every time they added more trash on top of the pile.

  11. What? Bro they are not worst than the maps we have now. These current maps are super mega ass, MW22 maps are the worst maps ever made in COD not 19, idk what the hell you talking about? If these maps were even as decent as 19 maps everyone on here wouldn’t be complaining about the lack of maps and how big they all are.

  12. I’m in Philly, not DC, but I think the situations are similar. We’ve seen a tremendous increase in stolen cars, car jackings, and shootings. Like, car jackings went from a couple hundred pre-pandemic to over 1,000 a year. Similarly, shootings are over 1,500 a year.

  13. It’s just kids in general now, believe me. I work armed security and sometimes I’m posted at schools and library. And the amount of kids I see now and not just black kids but of all colors, who seem to lack common sense and respect for authority is more than ever. Most of the ones I deal with being bad and looking for trouble are either in a gang, have a terrible home life, or get exposed to all this glamorizing of being a thug on get this SOCIAL MEDIA. These kids are exposed to the crime life so much from social media that most of them thinks it’s better now or cooler to act hard and be hard and do bad things so that they’ll get the good life like all those bad influencers who portray their money and drugs and whatnot that they earn from a life of crime on social media. Instead of studying hard and going to school. And it’s sad. Because as I interact with these kids it’s not that they’re all bad, a lot of them are smart. It’s just that they don’t believe the right road is gonna get them far. So they choose the easy way. It’s just crazy how much common sense teens lack nowadays. I’m only 28 I could be some of these kids older brother I can’t imagine my own brother being dumb and seeing them do dumb shit that ruins their life in the name of being “A real one”. And they thought my generation was dumb.

  14. Israel really bitting the hands that feed it huh?

  15. Why do people keep poking the bear? Remember the last time that happened? Remember that one time when Pearl Harbor happened? The US proceeded to kick so much ass. Does China and Russia not literally remember why you shouldn’t poke the bear?

  16. No shit without those nukes Russia is nothing to us, you’d see Marines and Rangers in Moscow by now.

  17. The receiver attachment slot allows for you to quickly change between weapons within a platform. All cosmetic items and compatible attachments will remain equipped with the new weapon, meaning you do not have to equip them again. If you have tuning unlocked on both weapons, it also allows you to keep your tuning setup for compatible attachments.

  18. That’s so dumb though, I thought for example I’d be a able to create an old school M4 with the M16 carry handle and all, imagine my disappointment when I learned this was not even possible, pretty dumb in my opinion, I don’t even use this feature.

  19. I mostly hate the capes they throw on every skin. They look dumb everytime.

  20. Seriously like how the hell is that a good thing in a fight? You want ghost to get strangled by his own clothing? WHAT!

  21. Lmao, yeah let’s see what you do with your 1970s and 80s Cold War stockpiles. And does he really think that we’re sending out our best weapons? Have you seen our military budget? Trust me Putin you don’t wanna poke the Americans, we’ll literally send your shit into oblivion.

  22. Too true, you know it’s bad when you play like six matches half doing good half getting your asskicked, most either by a one shot sniper or the fucking stupid KASTOV, and then run into the same maps 4 times, then you say fuck it and you switch to MW19 and find you’re having waaaaayyyy more fun. This COD really ain’t that great. And I’m just gonna say it the coloring and gun details in my opinion looks ass compared to MW19, there is no pop, all guns look like they’re hazy or something. When I look at a gun at MW19 everything looks more crisp.

  23. Nah not really when you consider that 80 dollars was like 1000 dollars or something back then so pretty much the same as we’re paying now lol

  24. I suck at drifting but I enjoy to see ppl drift in tandem and watch in awe!

  25. I know bro I wish I could drift, especially when I see lobbies like this. :[

  26. Here's the reality of modern warfare , Russia has to find a way to win this war. And that is not looking likely given their lack of ability to hold key cities. Ukrain has to simply not lose. And, this war is not good for the people of Russia. Once they have had their fill of dead soldiers coming home in body bags they're gonna lose their will to fight. And I think that's why NATO is so willing to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine. They also see the reality. That is Russia losing means a weakened enemy for NATO, less interference in NATO conducting business in Russias sphere of influence.

  27. So basically quite literally Russia’s Vietnam. They did what we are dong to Ukraine now for the North. Oh how the turntables…

  28. Reminds me of that video of that dumbass DEA agent talking to a class and talking about he’s the only one qualified to handle “this Glock 40” then proceeds to shoot his leg lol this deputy is probably related.

  29. I seriously think the guy who created all these camos might be color blind…

  30. I don’t like hardcore never did, but yeah the removing of it doesn’t make sense to me, every cod I remember playing has had it. Why would you remove it now? Nonsensical as hell these devs.

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