1. I just finished season 6... I'm so incredibly hyped for season 7.

  2. I've never seen this charm 🤔 is it as good as it sounds?

  3. This is an incident that my uncle always tells me : When the serbian forces invaded in Kosovo, our village, which is only about 5km from the border, was an early and easy target. When the forces came with tanks and AK's, they surrounded our village and rounded everyone up at the local school (what should have happened next i think is clear to everyone). However, our neighborhood village which was mainly inhabitaled by Serbs, always har a good relationship with us. We weren't best friends, but there was a good amount of trading going on and there were never any major incidents, from both sides. As I was saying, when the ethnic cleansing was about to begin, some Serbs from the neighborhood village stood up and literally placed themselves between the armed forces and my people. They told them that we (our village) "weren't like the other Albanians", and that they (the Serbs) never had problems with us and that they needed us for trading. I don't know the specifics, but they stopped the forces with the power of words, causing our people to be able to survive. I thank these serbs with all my heart.

  4. Serbian forces never “invaded” Kosovo lol, you can’t invade part of your own country, what kind of Albanian propaganda is that?

  5. Listen, people like you are the problem. Instead of realizing the moral essence of the story i just told, you get hung up in small details like this. You can call it whatever you want, but what happened in the late 90's should never happen, ever. The only things you probably know about the kosovo war is what you were being told in the news, and i cant blame you. But if you knew what happened, "invasion" would be an understatement.

  6. She complained to me how her boyfriend wasn't satisfying her. Her words were something like "he just doesn't fuck me right." i realized pretty early that it was an obvious sign, but primarily i was turned off cause i felt sorry for her boyfriend. Never gonna make that mistake again lol

  7. I don't think it's comparable, but if you like playing together as a team, borderlands 2 is an amazing game. 10/10

  8. They're like "hold up bro this shit actually sounds nice"

  9. I use sugarus sight on my hunter, and it works incredibly well for me. If u hang back a bit and solve the ammo problem, you can really clear out waves with ease.

  10. Have you guys ever tried freshly baked bread with just some vegeta? When i was a child we used to have that every now and then as a treat. Memories...

  11. For me the fights - win ratio is something similar, i think its about 4,2k fights and 3,7k wins

  12. Ah shame, I'm from the UK. I often struggle to be on at similar times such as EST. I'm sure you'll find some fellow Ghosts to roll with

  13. I'm in Germany, so UK is the same time zone i think. What Ki are you?

  14. Knockdown? I thought it was a 30% chance of the enemy being killed. If it's just knockdowns that's pretty unnecessary then 🤔

  15. I think every elder man in every country does this 😂

  16. They really took the full Thai plum, and elbows in clinch and ground out of the game for UFC 4… wtf

  17. The ground game has severely worsened throughout the UFC games. The only explanation for me is that EA wants to make the ground game as one dimensional as possible so it's easier for new players. Idk

  18. Great for story, not good for survival. Enemies are still in the zone whether hallucinating or not.

  19. something I’ve always wanted to do in survival is start off in solo, don’t take any capture points, but pick off as many enemies as possible while in stealth, and prepping the battlefield with as many explosive barrels strategically placed as I can. Then when everyone is dead, start matchmaking to show off to some randos ‘look what I did!’

  20. Yeah i love this kind of tactical approach, but most players only care about getting as much kills as possible.

  21. I think it's a bug, I've been having the same problem lately.

  22. "I've no friends interested in UFC" Felt thst on a spiritual level

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