1. I can’t understand why diaspora tends to be way more nationalistic. I mean if you love your country so much why aren’t you going back there? Or this nationalism goes only about hating your neighbors.

  2. Well, idk about Shaqiri but Xhaka mentioned that the albanian national team never invited him. I also imagine that they love their families more than their nationality, therefore money talks. Understandable tho

  3. Tell me you've never actually had sex without telling me you've never actually had sex.

  4. "Well I already had sex and its definitely better than shredded cheese🤓🤓🤓"

  5. why the hell would they offer a rematch that soon

  6. I'd say it's more of a crush that doesn't really like them back but still protects them

  7. I would say more of a selfish, lying bitch that's gaslighting you for their own interests.

  8. The flag is cringe and delusional, but why would anyone be bothered by some random flag in the locker room not shown publicly, especially FIFA who apparently doesn't mind human rights abuses in Qatar.

  9. What? Where could one try this heavenly meal? I just ate, but I would eat the whole pan of that burek?

  10. We always have it at home, but i haven't seen it in any food place either. It's really not hard to make it, and it's worth it, trust me.

  11. My great Grandfather had a thing that he said every time he got the chance to, and that's "What one person can eat is also enough for two". This just goes to show that when people suffer, many times they also come together, united in sorrow you could say.

  12. Ju ar maj best frend 🇽🇰💙🇺🇸

  13. For me it's hard to say that there was a mental block when Izzy would of won the fight comfortably had he not been finished, I think it's more like Alex is dangerous at any stage of the fight.

  14. "Izzy would of won the fight comfortably had he not been finished"

  15. you realize the point i'm trying to make is that Alex wasn't in Izzy's head so much because he can obviously compete and get the better of Alex just fine yes? I never said he didn't lose or that Alex is worse.

  16. This could be a Foto of every older balkan family i know, mine included.

  17. The striking mechanics in this game are actually good. The fact that they haven't fixed the knee elbow shit pisses everyone off, but if u have a willing opponent, the striking in this game can really be fun, if u use the whole arsenal.

  18. Agree 100%. Hit the nail on the head.

  19. The spinning shit is fairly easy to counter (except for the turning sidekick to the head, that kick is glitchy af). Especially if they spam spinning attacks and they're easy to read, literally all you have to do is flick your left stick to the outside of the strike (sidestep). The window for counters is huge + they're low on stamina

  20. I don't think anyone in their right mind likes France

  21. We are one in the same family. Albanians, Serbs...all the exact same. E x a c t s a m e.

  22. Exactly. Rather than arguing over who was first in the balkan, or who invented a certain dish, we should take a closer look at our similarities and celebrate those. Peace.

  23. Well, he did tattoo it on his left bicep.. conceive believe achieve

  24. My man tattooed the belt on the same arm that he basically won the championship with, this some movie shit

  25. Had to scroll way too far for this. I recommend anyone reading this go watch that fight immediately.

  26. Kosovo. It's not a name that came from us. It's rightful name is Dardania, and I would appreciate it if it was officially changed.

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