1. Im looking forward to see more Harold and Noah moments hehe, I love it!!

  2. This was when our man DJ brought victory to the Killer Bass after Harold who brought victory for them twice! Great Job DJ!!

  3. Yeahh Geoff really deserves better! And OMG i just realized that Alejandro is touching Bridgette's butt

  4. not filipino being a sexuality. but fr, he looks filipino. and i should know, bc i am filipino

  5. Heck yeaaa we have another person who predicts Chase could be a Filipino!!

  6. Man i really agree with all of their eliminations, it's really really sad!! Geoff's elimination was wholesome! Dj's elimination was sweet! Brick's elimination was awesome very sweet of Mike, Zoey and Cameron to salute him goodbye and Tyler's elimination is something that i really wish to cry when i first watched the series!!

  7. He is forbidden to do any jumping that might strain his ASSets✨, i'd forbidden myself too

  8. Wow i didn't know it would be that easy to cosplay as Chase

  9. Heck yeaaa, he's one of my favorites too!! Im really looking forward to see him in the Season!

  10. Wow now i am honestly surprise and happy for Leonard! Bro never got hit in the groin :O

  11. Heather happened to released too much substance it splattered on Alejandro's face

  12. Noah be lookin at the bra like he's so intrested he hasn't seen one before, while Cody still has it lol

  13. Cody's interaction with Chef was so cool! Chef was proud XD

  14. Very Interesting, though they never interacted in any of the 3 seasons :O

  15. Well almost everyone here supporting Cody has already interacted with him

  16. Im fine with your tier list, but i like how you have Heather, Harold, Justin, DJ, and Eva in The Top 10

  17. Well Heather was sadly dumb down here in this season, there is no way season 1 heather would just leave it somewhere

  18. Good job man! You prevented DJ from falling into his curse!!

  19. ...And then, they abruptly caused a "kiwi incident" on Harold after that.

  20. XD Yeah that was Harold's second nut shot, when the first one is when he landed down the cliff all the way down nuts first

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