1. I played it on the PS4, performance wise I experienced a lot of lag. But I very much enjoyed the game, the ground and space combat is what sold it to me. I haven't played it for a few months but I think I'll return to the game once I get a PC at some point.

  2. Anyone else play this mission with an animal mask on? (If you know, you know.)

  3. These are pretty good man. Would definitely like these to be implemented.

  4. Random but I have the same emblem as you. Knight Faction for the win! (Well, when that season win is I have no idea).

  5. Great look you put together. The shader was an instant purchase from me. I feel it could be paired well for a New Monarchy fit. Especially with that mark aswell, very New Monarchy-esque.

  6. Seems Soul Edge chose another victim instead of Siegfried. The weapon couldn't handle going back and forth, Siegfried becoming Nightmare then not becoming Nightmare.

  7. 1st one, brings it more to life I reckon other than the outfit only being made up of one colour. Both are good regardless.

  8. I hope they update an add/fix things I really love this game

  9. Just need to memorize some monologues and be prepped mentally to amputate your arm and there you go. The finished product.

  10. Just started playing the game today for the first time, but I totally love this concept man. I'll give you a follow on whatever stream platform you are on regardless if you will stream it or not.

  11. Looks really good man. I saw a post you did of the look a few days ago, personally I prefer this one but both look great. Looks like the Vanguard set up a Sparrow MC.

  12. Again, popping up on my Reddit feed as soon as I open the app up. Mad haha.

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