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  1. One of my first jobs was bank customer service and I hated it with the fire of a thousand suns. I made a mini voodoo doll to keep at my station with a small box of pins. During my calls I’d stick it repeatedly to poor Herman, then remove them for the next entitled customer, which was most of them.

  2. Some of those, erm, classic, vintage, or mature scents are actually pretty badass. I think it takes a high measure of confidence to rock something like Youth Dew or an opulent chypre. Such perfumes to me come off more like cougar on the prowl or cat fight after a night at the opera, than sedate church lady.

  3. This refined lady likes how gentlemen look in lungi 😁

  4. Zam Zam on Bailey has some butt-kicking Korean fried chicken.

  5. HAVE THE DAY YOU DESERVE 😂 you are my new sensei!

  6. This is why it’s really hard for me to respect teachers. The one in this classroom just seems to be sitting on his tenure, collecting his paycheck, and serving as a babysitting service for thugs in training while counting the days before he can retire with a state pension.

  7. I spent a few months in Bangladesh with a single bag of makeup. I had some multi-duty products like Nars The Multiple and Undone Beauty’s lip-and-cheek and concealer palettes. Tinted moisturiser because the heat eats foundation for lunch. Maybelline Master Precise Ink liner because it’s the only one I’ve found yet that stands up to high heat and humidity. I didn’t bother with shadows because I rarely wear them anyway and they’d have melted off. I didn’t want to spend all my time fixing my face, just wanted to add a little color.

  8. Sauvage Versace Eros CK One Armani My Way Armani Acqua di Gioia

  9. I know many who do and I appreciate the fact that they’re trying to embrace the positive things left in this country and culture while still honoring their ethnic history and ancestry. I never liked the idea of a “melting pot” where people lose their identities. I prefer to think of a multicolored quilt, or a stew, where different elements come together to create something great.

  10. There is a song from “Cats” that is so offensive to me I don’t even like to say its name. Basically sung from the point of view of an aged cat who wants to be loved before she dies. Even if you’ve never seen the show you likely know the song. It can send me into hopelessness and depression for days. If someone sings it at karaoke I will leave until I’m confident it’s finished, and I’ve done so in single digit temperatures without a coat, I want that much to never hear it again.

  11. After living in Bangladesh “mama” now confuses me because in Bengali it means maternal uncle.

  12. Looks like popular chicks are the same everywhere, and they haven’t changed since I was in high school (don’t ask dude; there are some things ladies never tell.)

  13. I like the Liquid Glass, I live in Georgia and the humidity does a number on my hair and Liquid Glass helps. I like that one application is good for 3-4 washes. I hate the Dr. Lili Fan lash enhancer, no matter how carefully I applied it to my lash line it stung. Now that might just be my sensitive skin but it still makes it a useless product for me. Edited to add, when eye shadows are too strong I like to gently bounce a little concealer over them, it’s been fun to use bright reds and then bounce a little concealer over them and it makes it a softer more wearable color. Plus it really locks it in on my oily lids.

  14. Is there anything else you can suggest to keep it from creasing or getting cakey? I have hooded eyes and they usually eat shadows for lunch.

  15. I have super curly hair and the liquid glass was such an amazing product for me. I was able to get a shiny frizz free blowout without it being flat or weighed down. It really did last several shampoos. If you have any friends or family with curly hair who want a shiny wavey blowout it would be a great gift.

  16. Of course I’d be the one without any curly friends! I have no doubt that the product works for those who have a certain hair type and texture. I have to beat the hell out of mine just to get some volume and while I have some wave there’s no genuine curl to speak of.

  17. Being childless/childfree. If I had a dollar for every time someone insinuated or said outright I’m not a complete woman I’d never have to work again.

  18. Alley Oop has some great stuff. That was my choice too.

  19. I’m a mythology nerd so I take things like Marvel movies as such. I figure I’m not going to be building any pagan altars and bowing to some mythic figure, so just enjoy it for the fiction that it is.

  20. The world is your oyster. It’s a pain in the tuchas enough just opening an oyster. There’s never any guarantee of finding a pearl, and I’ve been told that eating them raw kind of feels like swallowing a giant blob of snot.

  21. Get a quote from the fanciest salon in town. Give it to Bridezilla. Collect your money and pick up a bottle of washout hair rinse at Sally’s. Use the balance to enjoy some well-earned free time. NTA and your in-laws suck.

  22. I want to be that chick with the cowbell. Because MORE COWBELL!!!

  23. If that’s the case maybe I’ll hold onto mine for a while. I got one from Scentbox that smelled gorgeous. When I bought a full size, it smelled like road tar.

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