1. Carroll O’Connor. Those of us of a certain age will remember him in “All In The Family.” For those not of a certain age, this was a groundbreaking sitcom that addressed political and social change, racism and women’s rights through the character of Archie Bunker, a conservative bigot.

  2. I have ADHD and distraction is a huge problem. Please talk with your doctor.

  3. My local(ish) pool has a shallow pool specifically for kids under 5 and parents. It's great.

  4. My former facility had the kiddie pool too, but it was not well enforced. Some parents just ended up putting flotation devices on the little kids and let them mess around in the shallow end of the main pool. Otherwise the parents would have been required to get out and sit beside the kiddie pool.

  5. It seemed like a requirement parents were in the water from what I could tell. Didn't go to close to that section lol.

  6. If the kids were in the shallow end of the main pool, parents were theoretically required to stay in the water. If using the kiddie pool, they had to sit alongside and supervise.

  7. According to IMDB, these are the top 10 of all time:

  8. I can’t believe Barney Miller isn’t up there. Like MASH, it also never gets old.

  9. I’ve been rewatching Barney Miller. Every episode is a piece of art. Abe Vigoda was such an amazing actor that he didn’t even have to speak. And all the guest stars were amazing actors too (a lot appeared on MASH.)

  10. “Dear Friend, I love you and I support you but this is above my pay grade. I’ll be happy to help you talk to your doctor and find a person better trained to get you through this.”

  11. I absolutely HATE getting baked and going for ice cream that I don’t have to share with anyone.

  12. I take kids on a case by case basis. I know one couple whose little girl could hang the moon. But they’re involved parents who raise their kid right and teach her manners and consideration for others. My niece and nephew similarly were good kids and grew into productive adults. Unfortunately these examples are outweighed by the entitled children of bad parents.

  13. There is nothing more fun than solo travel. You get to wake up when you want, see what you want; and spend the evenings in your hotel eating shit food, giving yourself a spa night, and watching whatever trash TV is your guilty pleasure. None of which you could do if you had kids, or a pregnant companion who can’t drink, eat sushi, or relax in a hot tub with a guy who came wearing nothing but a sarong and a smile.

  14. At that price I’d better be getting eternal salvation with it.

  15. A customer wearing leggings two sizes too small, rolling them down and dropping her cargo in the middle of the parking lot.

  16. Well still that doesn't make much sense, the pronunciation makes sense but not meaning.

  17. I get it. You don’t hear it much, at least not in the US, but there is a meaning of deception to avoid something. We had an army comedy where a character wore women’s clothing to get out of the service, explaining “the clothes are a dodge.”

  18. God, I hate brides. And this is coming from someone who was a bride twice.

  19. Tarte is revamping much of their line and coming out with a lot of new products. According to the agent I spoke with SEA is still part of the line with only a few items discontinued.

  20. When I went I had to take hepatitis A, typhus, and Japanese encephalitis shots, and take an anti-malarial pill with me. And for the love of God I hope you have insurance, because you need two encephalitis shots and they’re expensive.

  21. Just took my first as well. So far no ugly effects, just have the hiccups and a little fatigue.

  22. They’ve been off and on since yesterday. M not minding too much. If this is the worst I get, I’ll be blessed.

  23. When did yours update? I haven’t seen anything new in three weeks.

  24. New updates were released last week and earlier this week. You may need to go to the App Store to manually update Two Dots.

  25. It’s not allowing me to manually update, just has the option to open the app. I’ve contacted support.

  26. How is everyone getting updates? Been close to a month for me.

  27. To be honest one of the reasons I also don’t want children: I’m way to scared of the possibility to have a disabled child. I just couldn’t handle it and I know we’ll self well enough.

  28. Exactly this. I’m an adoptee from a time and a state where adoptions were completely closed. I have no family medical records and no idea what’s floating around in my DNA. At my age it’s moot now but one huge reason I was initially grateful for infertility was that I didn’t end up passing down something ugly to another human being.

  29. Mascara. I switch mine out every two or three months so I can’t see paying a ton for it, plus there are great drugstore options.

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