1. This makes me sad. I owe wireless advocates for getting me through part of college. If it wasn’t for the job opportunity they gave me over a decade ago, I don’t know how I would of paid for tuition.

  2. He’s really blossomed into a beautiful man hasn’t he?

  3. I don't know why, but this quote made me crack up: "this was an impulse buy by two guys with a lot of money who don’t know anything about maritime vessels".

  4. How can you look the cashier in the eye when you do this? Honestly, how do people like this even sleep?

  5. Which one was your favorite course and which one is your favorite ball marker?

  6. Favorite course for scenery - Hualalai Toughest course - Pasi Favorite course layout - Lake Merced (old course now I guess) Favorite based off ball marker - I’ll go with Old Greenwood. Doesn’t hurt I played a career round there from the blues the week before the Barracuda open. Used it and couldn’t miss a putt. I give credit to the marker

  7. Good guy, giving credit where credit is due. Looks like a hell of a 18 months!

  8. C1K3 says:

    And a very Louise idea.

  9. I’m thinking this is pretty anti Louise, I mean, you seriously think Ollie, Andy, and “Red” had a chance of unionizing under her during the art crawl? Her employment tactics when she ran the casino were also a lil sus….

  10. That's when she was management, so of course she would be anti-union. When she's on the labor side of things, though, she'll be picketing outside with the bullhorn.

  11. I just think Louise wouldn’t work unless she was management. She’s always been a lone wolf 🐺 but hey it’s a cartoon, anything is possible!

  12. Its amazing to watch this sub go from, “Goff is the problem, he’s horrendous! Need new first round pick qb next year or bust!” To now this year, “Goff might just be the long term solution we needed, wow he’s the best!”

  13. It’s almost as if people’s opinions on a player can change based on their performance. Wild concept I know.

  14. It’s almost like players can play better with a team around them. Wild concept, I know!

  15. One thing I would advise is testing your furnace to confirm that it does turn on. Don’t want to get a cold realization that the furnace doesn’t work on a day that’s supposed to be freezing.

  16. What evidence do you have that the account belongs to Nancy Pelosi? Documents? Texts? Transcripts of calls?! Just stop asking questions about my favorite politician already

  17. I want to say you should follow better people but at this point I’m starting to think this is a successful troll.

  18. This is for sure written by someone who looks at Reddit all the time and for sure has not been to America. I have never seen an argument with a course ranger, cart girls and booze are typically done by now since kids have gone back to school. I’ve been playing golf my whole life and I’ve never actually seen a ten man group playing without getting tossed out by a ranger, yes some people booze and get a hot dog but it’s not like people are falling over on the golf course or eating a 9 course meal. Get off Reddit, come and play some great US courses which there are a lot of and realize, “wow, the world sure is different than how Reddit depicts it, especially Wall Street bets and the Wall Street bets equivalent for golf! Who woulda thought!?!?!”

  19. Real sorry that happened to you. I hope you keep your chin up and continue on your golf journey. Don’t let jerks keep you off the course, keep at it and that bogey will turn into a par in no time!

  20. I love Zeke so much, it would be awesome to get a deep dive into how Zeke became Zeke. More Zeke please!

  21. I need anger management after this season. My team just needs management.

  22. I’ll be honest I support no one but freedom fries sound awesome lol

  23. If you eat freedom fries in jail does that make the fries “not-so-free fries”?

  24. Cool, you exchanged currency for an item. Do you also exchange currency for living expenses?

  25. Nintendo fans don't buy their consoles for the graphics, we buy them for the quality games. Anyone complaining about graphics isn't in it for nintendo games.

  26. FD was in excellent condition, so I'll agree to that. I just don't remember any specific holes that stood out. Maybe a par 3s over water if I'm remembering right.

  27. Just played the loop a couple days ago. Beauty of a course but hard as a rock. A 250-270 yard drive ends up looking 320 there.

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