1. You guys are fucking high if you think a controller has better aim than a m&k, Jesus christ. The shit people that are simply terrible at gaming will say. For 2 decades the consensus has always been that m&k is vastly superior for aiming, but you morons watch a couple streamers and have your whole opinion influenced because you get wiped a few times. Also, you are only being matched with controller players if you are playing with a controller, or you are with someone playing on controller. Just admit you are not good at the game, it will make your life easier.

  2. You are clearly a casual player who is completely ignorant to the new aim assist that’s been added to recent fps titles

  3. Yeah 7 of my smurfs are above 50 so I support this change.

  4. Completely broken unless they decreased the damage. It’s 200 damage for one knife to the head

  5. Key word usually. Also the "justification" should probably be expressed to the user but maybe that's just my opinion.

  6. Pc players be like “aim assist is op nerf it!” Those same mfs:

  7. we just got a heirloom skin for her and the event before the Bangalore event added one

  8. Because respawn won’t add new game modes into the game so we made one-free for all

  9. I would be down for this, if they where to decrease the kraber projectile size

  10. Lol I’m loving playing caustic in this mode, tbh tho I think every legend is good

  11. But then your in fights by yourself the whole game cause your teammates wanna camp there too

  12. I’ve won a lot of gun games so far, but from my experience everything gets too hectic to worry about teammates. This game mode is basically a free for all even with teammates

  13. plats that get into masters/pred lobbies que with diamond players. That is the only way to get into those lobbies unless you play at a time that absolutely not a single soul is online during that time

  14. Octane/pathfinder are probably the best solo q legends in my opinion. Octane pad is perfect to throw for your team if you get a knock, and pathfinder is an excellent legend for ratting or getting an off angle

  15. Increase ur fov so targets appear to be moving slower. I play 120 fov and snipers are amazing

  16. Unless you can solo to masters there is more than enough room for improvement that you shouldn’t waste time blaming teammates.

  17. Can confirm as a solo que masters I play a lot of arenas, one of the most important parts of apex is how well you can perform in 3v3/close range

  18. They really could not have made this barbarism king skin look anymore like this emoji 🤓🤓🤓

  19. That seer trying to thirst is enough reason for me to stay and hopefully kill him for thirsting that hard in a casuals match

  20. I mean what about vantage in arenas I mean some vantage players just camp from long range with her Ultimate in arenas

  21. She’s ok but her hit box is not all that great for close range

  22. You may never know I could encountered you in any arenas match

  23. Lol I just don’t see the point in running a sniper in close range maps when you can fully max out every smg/shotgun in the game while also buying ults on movement chars which are currently the meta

  24. If you get third parties what you do is bunker down in your building and let them fight as much as possible.

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