1. Gold mining isn't like it was in the 1800's. They know that the ores in the ground contain a percentage of gold. They dig it up by the tons and then process it with various methods of refinement. They could be mining gold this whole time. The reason they aren't, or they aren't doing large amounts is because the cost to refine down to pure gold is about equal in price to the gold itself. The only way for Hycroft to operate and operate profitably is for the price of gold to go wayyy up.

  2. Very true, indeed, and the equipment is quite costly. Frankly smaller mining companies end up as shell companies. Sure it looks good on the paper, but as you said, bringing it up for processing is way expensive.

  3. We will probably never squeeze, but I do enjoy our small community. The excitement makes it even more fun. The truth is we are too many so they can't afford to pay up. Nor is the fed interested to step in.

  4. Wait a day or two. This is done automatically but I think there is overwhelming demand from the US apes. If your broker bought from the lit exchange then you'll get it today if they bought from off and through another broker then expect a delay.

  5. Your broker whom you bought from. You should send them a message but it's usually done automatically. So wait a day or two.

  6. Its only 112 million shorts to close. Which is about 2 days of amc volume. Shorts closing isnt the moass.

  7. I'm just going to keep holding from what I heard it took Chipotle 2 years to squeeze sitting around $1600 a share

  8. A fucking hot sauce manufacturer made it to $1600. What a fucked up world.

  9. There is something called constructive criticism. Just because certain people have disagreements and trust issues doesn't mean it's FUD.

  10. If the stock is extensively diluted then the price will not move even if you buy and hold. It will hedge funds' wet dream. They could dry us out and even delist the stock when the time is right.

  11. I couldn't find a fix. We are stuck as the medial player is embedded in emui 12. Many have complained but Huawei isn't providing a fix.

  12. There is a catch. Is it squeezable? Absolutely. Will they allow it to squeeze? nope.

  13. Lol isn't a coincidence that AMC jumped to 22. The SHF doesn't want it below $10. Adam screwed us again

  14. Did you get a chance to have a look?

  15. depends on the use and objective. I purchased mine for research purposes. Barely watch a movie these days. πŸ™„

  16. Dude July is a holiday month. Lacks liquidity and participation effort. It's impossible to foresee the squeeze.

  17. Hanna is a clout chaser. Why adding your profile in the picture :)

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