1. It's do to all the liberals. And there hands off approach to people doing drugs and committing crimes!

  2. Maybe we could re-purpose all of those bus shelters Metro removed as "wind free smoking sites"

  3. I hope you're not expecting your deposit back on that rental house.

  4. That block is a prime example of how quickly a neighborhood goes to shit based on its proximity to Aurora.

  5. Homes in that area are basically honeypots to attract gronks. They come like flies to shit.

  6. A friend started dating a guy who was an undertaker at Evergreen-Washelli cemetery. She invited me to meet the guy and he was obviously a psychopath - and built like a fucking gorilla. I kept my distance. After she broke up with him he came back to her house and stabbed her new roommate 30 times. Fortunately the guy lived but holy crap I called that one after just meeting him once.

  7. How long ago was this, I may or may not be a current/past employee. Nothing but amazing people there.

  8. wow.. when your life sucks that bad cigarettes are basically an essential food group!!

  9. I still think the tiered housing idea has merit : better behavior = better housing.

  10. Meanwhile, KCRHA is prioritizing housing based on NEED, so the best housing often goes to those with the most disabling violent behavior problems.

  11. Man, they love their dead baby porn. Every time they find a new photo they pay to have it blown up and made into a cardboard sign. They love that shit.

  12. On the one hand they obviously have an agenda. But whether you agree with it or not why are pictures of aborted babies considered controversial in the first place? It just seems like the same kind of moral thought policing that causes people to ignore dying people laying on the sidewalks. "oh, we're not supposed to look at or speak of that, it is improper!"

  13. Today I was on a walk and saw a dead squirrel. It was gross. Just like how this is gross. I am likewise disgusted by pictures of dead fetuses and dead squirrels and find people that want to show pictures of them disgusting.

  14. There are numerous articles on PubMed showing a correlation with marijuana legalization and lower rates of prescription painkiller usage. And the tax revenue has been several billion dollars

  15. We also said after the 2010 consent decree that SPD should be trained to be social workers. Then 2020 hit and the last 10 years of investing in social worker training was all of a sudden wrong because cops shouldn't be social workers. What it gets down to is cops shouldn't be trained or even exist if you listen to the activist class.

  16. Where do they teach social workers to gas 20 city blocks when they see a pink umbrella?

  17. Lets pretend for a second that social workers would have been manning the barricades to protect a police precinct.

  18. They bail out domestic violence? I thought they skipped the sex/violence charges. Holy fuck left wing people in this city are so deranged.

  19. did he flee or did he show up for his court date? because bail is only to ensure that the perp doesn't skip court and go off the radar. getting bailed out means you haven't been convicted of a crime yet--you're innocent until proven guilty.

  20. Do you think people are abusing drugs because they have a scarcity of supply or reliable supply?

  21. You should look up the history of Krokodil to get an answer to that. It became a thing because certain countries restricted sale of higher powered opioids while allowing OTC sales of codeine. People figured out how to turn those codeine tablets into harder hitting drugs, with disastrous results.

  22. Why do people use drugs in a unhelpful and harmful ways to themselves?

  23. Genetics, upbringing, trauma, mental illness - lots of reasons, usually combined.

  24. I'm not seeing a percentage of total there. You also seem to be making the same stupid assumption that teens are not chronic users.

  25. Have any figures on what percentage of OD's are among non-chronic drug users?

  26. All things said here are valid used to work in Pioneer Square pre covid.

  27. Here's the site. I can only wonder why it made sense to spend money on this.

  28. I see people talk about the "homeless industrial complex" like there is some intentional plan to waste money but not describing what specific plan or organization is problematic.

  29. This particular murder and arson must have hit a nerve for some reason.

  30. Good timing. Drug cartels are now apparently helping people immigrate to the US provided that they work for them dealing drugs. Good times.

  31. They're immigrants with employment in the public service sector already lined up. What's the issue?

  32. While officials say most campers are accepting services and shelter, some are refusing and choosing to stay on the streets. “I do better out here, you know what I mean,” says Marcus Weatherspoon, who was recently forced to leave an encampment in Ballard.

  33. Huh... it's almost as if his myriad LEAD case managers don't give a shit if he gets treatment or not.

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