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  1. Based on my current feed I’m thinking that the Formula One sub Reddit one day will be as popular as

  2. That feeling when you have young kids and they get lost for probably only five minutes but it seems like an eternity. Especially in a crowded place. It is pure terror that grows exponentially the longer you can’t find them

  3. As a symbol, it's actually referred to as "dagger" - it's a combination of transpose and complex conjugate :)

  4. I have a very close friend that's gay and he's said that he uses an enema before him and his husband have sex. So yeah there are plenty of gay men that clean their rectum before having sex

  5. I was at the game tonight against the Rangers. I noticed that Ovechkin had a blue tape on his socks so that is white and red socks with the touch of blue looked like the Russian flag……

  6. Old comic I remember - Doctor to 12 year old boy “ No, jerking off 15 times a day won’t damage you but try and use your other hand once in a while”.

  7. So they are boycotting marriage because raping your wife will now be illegal… they will now continue to rape outside of marriage?

  8. I’m looking forward to the ovation for him blowing the roof off MSG when he comes back March 2

  9. I hope they used a strong glue on those Lego blocks that make up his neck.

  10. One thing that was always hammered in my head during my days playing soccer/hockey/any team sport was that you NEVER throw the goalie under the bus. Even if it is their fault 100%, you still don't do that.

  11. I coached Atoms through Bantams. Every Atom starts out wanting to play goalie, and then after getting torched for 10 goals and watching the other celebrate in their face….all of a sudden goaltending sucks.

  12. Cricket - you run back and forth between home and 1st base to score points. You hit a homer you get 6 points. 1 strike and you're out.

  13. This should be in the Wikipedia article on Cricket. That thing is written like a graduate level Syllabus

  14. And so the fleshlight was born. It's amazing how much of the technology we now take for granted was first developed for NASA.

  15. Tang, Velcro, and Fleshlights. Three cornerstones of modern civilization. Thank you NASA.

  16. Left leaning clickbait articles like this should stay in their element - The HuffPost - not on a supposedly "real news" paper.

  17. This was China’s plan all along. Gold Medal game will be China vs North Korea with the silver medalists getting executed on the podium

  18. Yes, people did lose family and friends but it doesn't change the fact that the media has made it out to be a lot worse than what it actually is.

  19. 800k dead with another few hundred thousand permanently damaged from their bout with Covid seems pretty fucking bad to me

  20. Wow. Another Republican hypocrite. Who could’ve possibly saw this coming?

  21. Their overlord happens to be Manchin's son. Who owns a coal mine and who happens to pay a year dividend of 1.1 million dollars to his father.

  22. Whenever I think just how gullible the population of West Virginia are….then I read something like this and wonder “well, they really are just trying to make their lives as shitty as possible and go to an early grave so maybe we should just let them?”

  23. Female brains can do more/concentrate on more things at once than a male brain. There should be a lot more women COO ‘s in this world.

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