1. So pretty! Love that lip color on you. Other than adding a little brow gel, I have nothing to add. Well done.

  2. I love Black Opium and Valentino best personally. But I also really like Good Fortune

  3. Where the heck is this? I’ve been eyeing it for a while after loving the bath salts they make. I checked in shop and add ons😢

  4. I am getting 2, My mom buys me one every month. I thought last month was the last one. So I got one on an alternate account. I can mail you one if you want. Just pm me your address.

  5. Its not bad! Nothing super exciting but I will use everything so can’t complain! Hope you like yours!

  6. It was actually pretty good. Had to use my sub account instead of my regular account I’ve had for years with tons of reviews. I’m a bit jealous of that palette. I really wanted to get it, bc I basically always get palettes on my other account. But I still got some pretty good stuff. The Dr Brant toner/essence spray I really wanted and am low on my spray toner. The Saturday skin waterfall glacier creme, I was intrigued by, but I have tons of moisturizers still waiting to be used. Those were my ipsy choices. Then I got an Anastasia lip gloss which I love all things glossy. And Bobbi Brown powder I also wanted. Then a simple Pear Nova tinted lip balm. So definitely not bad. Happy Choice Day

  7. You are the only one I’ve seen so far with that eyeshadow palette and I’m super jealous! It’s funny that’s what you DON’T want. 😂

  8. Same! I really wanted that palette. But had to use my sub account with few reviews. On my reg account I always get the eyeshadow palettes. Sad, but my bag was still pretty good. Just a but disappointed 75% of my choices were things I had set to rarely, and always review low.

  9. Hey One got the pallette! First one I’ve seen. Sad I didn’t get it though. I really wanted to try this one. But I had to use my sub account this month. Only a few reviews on it, as as opposed to my regular that has years of reviews. I almost always get the palette. Enjoy!! A really Great bag

  10. Idk I’ve been diagnosed since 2017, I go though a month or two with less flares. And I have learned what and when to eat. So now I rarely wake every morning in pain. Anxious and shaking to having to vomit and have a bm at the same time, like I did until 2019. I mean it still happens but instead of 5-7 mornings a week. It’s only 8-12 times a month. But I’m still quite nauseous every day, and have to force myself to eat bc I never have an appetite.

  11. This also helped me. I had a hysterectomy years ago from severe endometriosis. Well it’s back now on my colon and the one ovary they left has a cyst the size of a mandarin orange. So I’m back on hormones/birth control. It has helped tremendously with the pain and nausea after sex.

  12. I’m tempted to get this shadow, but I’m unfamiliar with the brand. Every review I’ve seen for this brand is reliably sketchy at best and opinions are mixed. I know this was included for some in their November Glam Bag, has anyone had a good experience with Luna Magic?

  13. It’s decent. I got it in a glam bag a few months back. It’s not bad. I actually really like their lipstick.

  14. Jealous!! That is Awesome. 👏 But I am so sorry for your loss. I just came out of my traditional January hiding/depression, to finally check a months worth of my emails. So sad to see all the good sales, multipliers.. And I returned stuff from Christmas now I have -173 of 1200 til Diamond 🫠😩

  15. I don't know, but I can say that at my GES, they had me lie down for the full two hours. I ate the eggs and then stayed on my back under the scanner for the full time. It automatically took images at pre-determined times. So, while I don't know for sure, I would guess that walking does help digest and doesn't give necessarily accurate results.

  16. I also had to lie on my back the entire time too. Mine was Supposed to be until digested or 4hours. It was horrible. Being on my back makes everything worse. I couldn’t take any meds that day either, no pain meds, nausea meds bc they can affect the study. I cried the last 2 1/2 hours. The tech ended it early bc I was in so much pain. But even though it was ended it an hour early I still had only digested 10% after 3 hours.

  17. Is the AHAVA mask a made for ipsy item? I can't find it on their site and a google search ONLY turns up ipsy and mercari. :(

  18. I am thinking it may be the mineral mud clearing facial mask. Just in cheaper packaging for sub boxes. I haven’t been able to find a way to compare the ingredients yet. So it may be a maybe a different formula. I just found it odd that both are called “Clearing facial mask.”

  19. Right! Some good stuff this month. I’ve been holding onto a good chunk of points for a while. I redeemed for the Ahava Mask, lash and liner set, as well as the lip stain. I was so excited to see so many interesting choices this month..First time in a longtime.

  20. I quit using reg and switched to a delta 8 thc-0 blend. Bc my state is one of the few that even with a prescription card it has to be under 3% thc. And I’m simply too sick to go to jail over medication. 😞 (plus allergic to reglan and zofran)..Sadly the only way you can get access to reg cannabis here is off the street, and there’s been a huge prevalence of fentanyl in weed products in my area. So that’s a big no for me.

  21. Oh Yes!! And I’m a h-i cup so a bra is necessary at all times. But I have found the wireless bras have come a loong way as of late. If you are larger chested Torrid has amazing wireless bras and “bralites” (wearing on now actually, it has more support than a bralet but just as comfortable) I have not worn an underwire in over 2 years now. And I’m NEVER going back to it.

  22. I have been opted out of certain products for about 5 yrs now, also you can always contact ipsy care and request that certain products be picked as your preselected items as long as you contact them before the point the app says they are constructing your bag. That applies to all levels of membership.

  23. Oh yes! It makes a nice foam and big, bouncy bubbles too. This stuff works better than most of the pricier ones that I have tried. It’s so annoying how little bubbles most bubble baths actually make. Which is why this is the one I keep coming back to.

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