1. What if we take some of that dead space and convert it in to urban housing? If the number of people downtown is so low, is there any major harm in inflating them and maybe killing two birds with one stone here? Increased foot traffic and people who will want shops in the area, etc.

  2. They tried that in loyd district but it's a absolute dead zone now. I was there at 7pm yesterday and it was dead quiet with lots of apartments but not a single, bar restaurant or grocery store within the area

  3. That’s some bullshit. Your dude needs re-education or to be dumped. Nothing good will come of his mentality.

  4. Depends on if I had a harness on or not… if I tried to pick him up without one, I guarantee you we are both going over. If I have some safety equipment on, I save his sorry ass.

  5. 20 years ago there weren't mini jet engines the size of your fist. Now you can buy them for a few thousand $ each that is powerful enough to push you on a bike or unicycle to deadly speeds.

  6. Exactly, give it time! In 20 years, probably end up becoming 20k jet toys.

  7. Almost anything can be fun if you have the proper attitude.

  8. If it's not meth or fentanyl, then what are you even doing?

  9. Even better, these were the people hauling stuff from California. Vape cartridges? Legal one place, illegal in the other. Shouldn’t be wasting manpower on mostly drugs flowing from legal grow ops. What a waste… when we could just legalize nationwide and everyone legally stands to make lotsa money and effectively exclude the cartels.

  10. No, but “party like it’s 1999” really ramped up in popularity for a good solid year.

  11. As someone who has been homeless, I can say without a doubt this made every one of them happier for a little while, which is something EXTREMELY difficult to do.

  12. Ha… damn I do this.. I’ve seen it turn someone’s day around.. and this reinforces for me that I was not the asshole. :) thanks.

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