1. Are you sure your not Antifa being bussed in here from California to cause trouble???

  2. Sure have had a lot of pro forced birth bussed into the sub

  3. Maybe though sites like fivethirtyeight seem to think statically speaking the upcoming cycle benefits the Republicans especially in the house along with historically speaking the cycle after a president gets elected typically is bad overall for their party. We shall see though I suppose.

  4. Oh I know, but I’m wondering and hoping if it will change now

  5. Their argument is that they’re leaving it to the states. So opposite of big government.

  6. Instead of it being an individual, personal decision; it is now the state government's decision on if a woman can have an abortion.

  7. I don’t really understand. If you were charged incorrectly for a service or purchase you should be able to go through your debit or credit card company’s fraud department and provide proof of the incorrect charge. If you are sure it is something else and needs a lawyer then just start calling lawyers who can offer you advice on if they’ll take the case and how much they may charge. It’s possible they may take a (high) percentage of possible winnings as payment.

  8. 19km long... Like 4000 turbolasers. crazy to think about that scale as a ship. That can travel faster than light.

  9. My head canon is there’s a lovely jogging track along the perimeter for a trooper’s morning routine.

  10. Some animal shelters or Humane Society will do it. Just got to call

  11. Also, there are no open borders. People want to rail on Biden for inflation. This is supply and demand. Wanted to add, not a big fan of Biden. Tired of old men in power.

  12. Some folks have trouble. Elderly and disabled, for example. Moving a heavy can in this heat is not always easy for some.

  13. Yeah I used to have to take my grandmothers because no where would do it for her

  14. I was alternate on a felony mopery trial, the defendant was charged with exposing himself to a blind man.

  15. Sue the city. You have the same rights to be there as anyone else and city officials made you leave, most likely under threat of arrest, and denied you your constitutional rights. Racism is on both sides and both side have a right and duty to fight against it.

  16. “I’m in this picture and I don’t like it”

  17. Ha, lets see these losers pull this stunt at Hadley Park instead of Franklin.

  18. They're too afraid to go anywhere near there, not that they've ever been in the first place.

  19. Looks like freedom of speech. They aren’t rioting. They aren’t looting.

  20. I’m here right now and their lease is up. Owners are working on other projects and think it’s time to let 308

  21. FIFA couldn't risk player injury via pedal tavern

  22. Honestly the questions around the new stadium probably blew the chances for us.

  23. That's what I think too. The maybe new stadium, maybe not, but if there is one; it may not be complete and there will be a huge mess and lack of parking next to Nissan etc etc definitely was not appealing.

  24. It's relevant because most of the comments are bad mouthing the republican party with foul enough language that the mods should probably be deleting them lol.

  25. We don't care about bad mouthing parties. They aren't people or users of the sub.

  26. Point isn't about who's being talked about, but the language being used. When language gets inflammatory to the point of death threats and saying people should burn in hell, then maybe that's something worth moderating to keep conversation civil is all I'm saying.

  27. People can also use their potty mouths. I haven't seen death threats, but if you did then report it. Saying a party should go to hell is fine so long as it doesn't break rule 2. I just glanced through this entire post and saw nothing, but please report what you are complaining about. The mods do not see all.

  28. Good. I just watched a lady get taken by EMS after getting to hot from walking to Thistle Farms


  30. Vandy may have a whole migraine clinic. I think they do.

  31. Is this something we can create a petition for? Like ?? why are they always fucking on??

  32. They're just big grow lights for the grass! /s

  33. Somebody needs to break out the old Mavis Beacon CDROM.

  34. Per site-wide rules no self-promotion is allowed. This also breaks sub rule 9.

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