1. This is the cold hearted concept you have of people who don't follow Christianity and it's fucking sad. Do you really think we need to believe in god to feel for friends and family?

  2. Im not Christian. And why do you care for friends and family. You're an athiest. No soul, remember -- Just skin, bones, and nerve cells generating electrical signals. Empty nothingness does not have feelings nor feel for others. Tighten up your atheist thoughts before your fellow atheists out you as non conformist.

  3. You should worry less about what an atheist is and figure out what it means to be human.

  4. Please dont tell me im arguing in bad faith. If im here to troll i would troll and be banned already. Im here to talk to whoever wants to talk.

  5. (My gain journey ended years ago but i lurk around here to help people if i can)

  6. Typical post modern, neo Marxist morally superior drivel. Please send me a list ye 0.1% of the world's population, you morally bankrupt, dead on the inside, hateful psychos of how we 99% of the world should live. We want to be like you. The White Man's Burden is the gift that never stops giving.

  7. Nothing I'm a muslim and I come here to roll my eyes, laugh, roll my eyes, screenshot idiocy to forward and laugh as a group at the soul-less sheep who eat,, shit, hate and sleep. Rince and repeat.

  8. I am the most boring player. Every single souls, souls-like, and Nioh game played in its entirety with a sword or great sword. Need to try something else.

  9. I just need to know if there are going to be many different looking levels. In nioh for exmaple there are day levels, night levels, forest levels, snow levels, mountain levels, underground levels, etc... so far in Wo Long the levels look samey and same colour palettes

  10. Yes, but that could be subjective to some but let me explain why I say yes. There are several different looking levels like, rainy levels, morning levels, levels with a lot of greenery, fiery looking ones and more. Of course, there will be variations in between as you progress in the game. I am not too concerned in the variety of how the levels look or the way they change depending on mission similar to Nioh main and sub missions. I think there is enough for everyone and of course there is 3 DLCs down the line that will most likely add to that. Hopefully this answers your question.

  11. Bulking is hard and few actually succeed. I succeeded by going from 150 lb to 240 lb. My method is unorthodox. I just ate fast food and junk. They're tasty. Its a lot easier to bulk this way than force yourself to eat inedible food. THEN cut. Then bodybuild. So from 220 lb i cut to 175 lb. Then went on strict bodybuilding and in 6 months reached 190 lb, all muscle. Its exactly the end goal i wanted when 150 lb. I just did tasty bulking rather than nasty mass gainers and bland carb meals.

  12. Unrelated, but i love how Team Ninja does coop. Its much better than FromSoft's coop.

  13. As someone who’s passed 4 kidney stones in the last 3 years and still has 7 more floating in me, I understand your concern. Although, I don’t think you need to worry. Urologist figures it’s mostly genetic as both parents have history of them. Most people won’t get them from diet and even then 90+% of the stones are so small you can pass them and never know. Keep doing you, unless you end up on your kitchen floor unable to move from the pain

  14. All i heard was kitchen floor pain oh god oh god oh god ...

  15. It's a game you didn't mention, but I would play Stranger of Paradise, Final Fantasy Origin if you want a game that's probably the most similar to Wo Long. SOP's main defense mechanic called Soul Shield is mapped to the same button as deflect in Wo Long, so you'll kinda get used to using that button for your main defense.

  16. I never really spent too much time on it i just was turned off by the extremely slow time to kill. Hits did so little damage.

  17. Yes, but the quran says don't drink when you pray. It doesnt mean you can drink during other times. You have to delve deeply to know that the ayah was before alcohol became completely forbidden. In other words, what some people did in the quran doesn't necessarily mean you can do it too. Those people who had dogs in surat al kahf for example were living prior to islam and sharia. They were living under laws of judaism, christianity, or a previous code that Allah gave them that may not have necessarily contained forbidding dog pets.

  18. Speaking of Goro, I'm new to Yakuza and only played Yakuza Like a Dragon (haven't finished it yet) and in it Goro is kind of a clown comedian. But in the previous Yakuza games he looks serious and a bad ass. Which one is he really in the old games, serious badass or comedian clown?

  19. Allah wants muslims all over the world to be organized in their practice of religion. Islam isn't a private religion where each of us practice in seclusion. This is why in the first Sura (Surat Al Fatiha) we say: "It is You we worship and You we ask for help.". We don't say I worship you. We're a collective of believers, an umma.

  20. Bit of a bump but it's 19th December now, and my Nioh 2 counter is stuck at 97 hours for a while now, there is an external counter that you can add to friendlist and tracks it, it is way more accurate, it says I'm at 136 hours of Nioh 2.

  21. I'm not sure there's a difference between سنة و عام in the quran. See Al Ankaboot 14. I'm not disagreeing since i never really looked into it but Al Ankaboot 14 seems to indicate there is no difference. Both are used in the ayah and it seems to be so for linguistic purposes.

  22. Thank you, jazzakum Allahu Khairan. I especially love the first page of surat Al Immran and familiar with the meaning in ayah 7 and the ayat al muhkamat and the ayat al mutashabihat.

  23. Yeah i never parried in either Nioh game or any souls game (Except Sekiro). Very viable. Dodging is always viable and blocking is op in Wo Long.

  24. Battlefield 1. I know its not the time period in question but its the closest thing to it and also has some guns from the 19th century.

  25. How about looter melee-ers. Nioh and Nioh 2. Also, its imbalanced with more than one player so despite it being a difficult Souls-like, its almost too easy when its more than one player.

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