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  1. Pseudo feminism is a mental illness. They misinterprets everything let alone hinduism.

  2. 24 hour propaganda media outlets masquerading as “news”.

  3. I wonder if they'll also monitor hate speech by minorities.

  4. Just curious, How does it work? Like, what's the mechanism?

  5. These kids getting real haircuts and styles and my mom was giving me a fucking bowl cut when I was that age in the early 90’s

  6. I thought bowl cut is the ultimate style, i wanted bowl cut but my family didn't allowed.

  7. I fail to understand, how this is important enough to be here?

  8. Apparently you get some light spots on objects when you take long exposure shots of night sky by phone camera. I don't know why but i have noticed that on many photos i clicked.

  9. Hi, what would you like to know?

  10. Was just laid off the week before our second date, calld her to cancel, I was down and unsure about my next move, she asked me what kind of pizza I fancy, 1 hour later she's at my doorstep with pizzas and beer to cheer me up, married 12 years. Love you my badass plumber.

  11. She's your plumber, and she delivered pizza? I see green flag.

  12. None of my family, relatives, friends or colleagues had It.

  13. At least you remember your birthday, I myself sometimes forget it... And later realise ohhh my birthday was few weeks ago.

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