"Blowing from a cannon" claims to be one of execution method by British raj in India. below image in a painting

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  1. But they dont apply that to other players…. Namely embiid, as hes very injury prone. I dont mind Luka getting a bonus just because hes really young and constantly improving, but the others dont have a good argument for that. I think steph has a good few years before he slows down he was blowing past people all finals. His handle is looking better than ever and his defence is a clear positive to me hes a really good help defender. Still struggles in 1v1 defence, HOWEVER he did really good against bigger players specifically holding off al horford in the post quite impressively.

  2. They can’t predict injuries, just decline from age. Embiid is still squarely in his prime

  3. So they cant predict embiid being injured but they can predict that curry is going to lose a step? Sorry doesent work like that. Cant have your cake and eat it too. Currys pretty squarely in his prime too. Hes proven that hes still consistently improving, him being a little older means nothing when you see the shape hes in. If lebron can play this long curry can play even longer. He has to be the most conditioned athlete in the nba.

  4. Lol, no they can’t predict injuries and yea they can predict as you get older you get slower. Again, I think curry is squarely in his prime and getting better. Just saying their logic

  5. You say completely disregarding mental health lol

  6. If you’re struggling with mental health and don’t know if you wanna be in the profession maybe don’t take 160 million dollars from a franchise?

  7. Idk if he cared about his teammates or the franchise at all. Just weird hearing these comments that he doesn’t know if he actually wants to play basketball

  8. Set a record for most TOs in 6 minutes with 5 lol.

  9. That wasn't even the funny part. It was that he tried to say he was referring to being at a hair salon or some shit after.

  10. Thank you. Some people don’t understand that propaganda against terrible governments is still propaganda.

  11. I mean, he's an average-looking 47yo; matches are going to be exceptionally rare anyway. Might as well go for something outrageous.

  12. Is Curry one of the best 3-point shooters of all time? I just don't know if everything he's done has been enough to make that argument.

  13. No, he needs exactly 131 to be top 3 all time for some obscure reason I’m still making up

  14. My favorite Hank Aaron stat is that his all-time total base lead amounts to him running 12 more miles around the bases than 2nd place

  15. Probably coming back cuz Steph needs a golf buddy for the road

  16. C'mon, he looks good but we don't have to go straight to roids. Dude just looks like a skinny bouncer now

  17. Skinny? Lol. The guy looks like the poster boy for roids. Not sure how people are so blind to the PED use in baseball these days. Seems as obvious to me as big Mac/bonds era

  18. Who knows, I’ve lifted for years so maybe that helped. My fingers and elbow are fucked tho so there’s that

  19. one thing that helped me recovered was wrist widget and a couple of weeks off. i stayed off the wall for a little while then went back to climb with the wrist widget always on now

  20. Nice, I’ve been lucky to not have any wrist problems. They all climb with braces/tape now

  21. I’m creeping up to nearly a half century on this earth, and I have never once even remotely considered something of this caliber for an opening message. It legitimately seems as though most of an entire generation of men were dropped on their heads as toddlers or something.

  22. Nah, online dating is just different. He would never say this to a girl in real life

  23. The word for that if you ask any girl is PERFECT !!! ❤️

  24. Imagine an actual 7 footer who's a rookie looking like effing

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