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  1. It's working from a place you do not normally spend time.

  2. Wait so your vacations are just actual more work then? That sucks

  3. mostly. In the past decade I had one (1) holiday where I did not have to bring my laptop to keep up with work.

  4. The coffee isn't special, but it was always hot and fresh today! Can't say the same for every Denny's I've been to.

  5. Ah kinda my gut said that was it but had to ask lol.

  6. That place isnt as good as a dennys or their grand slam but close enough i feel

  7. Just thought I’d post this because there are plenty of people worried that not having such and such piece of equipment is going to hinder their progress. I’m not saying that you don’t need time behind a full kit, but rather that a lot of work can get done on a couple of pads (and maybe your leg for some ride patterns).

  8. Just gotta say i only get kit time here and there cuz apartment life. Even thru a patch of 2years no kit i got better at drums regardless.....

  9. Being able to get off that 4/4 time signature is and will take me farther than the avg drumma boi.

  10. Like how steph curry shoots tennis balls ill lean into using pencils instead or try new size sticks before when i had access non stop to play i just sat in the throne too comfy

  11. It does seem like you're committed to practice, my dude. But it also sounds like you're simply not super into the material.

  12. Theres a reason to why im a math rock emo style dude. But went thru a phase my left hand was struggling so decided eh lets play taylor swift lefty lead.

  13. Farmers? No, rednecks. Not the same thing my dude.

  14. I see. Perhaps you should put in some text here so people can understand what you are trying to get across. It is a discussion forum.

  15. Most ppl understand what /s is. I didnt for a while just id say get used to looking for it. Op is fine. This isnt akways a straight discussion forum theres stuff talked about here all time with litte or nothing to do about ASD itself.

  16. Just a joke about the controversy of Velmas skin color being changed to black and the person in the picture appearing white.

  17. Really this is a thing now gosh ppls why😭(not thd omg the cast her as black) now that ppl are salty shes been changed in whatever version did that).

  18. Lmfao thats super weird, who actually says something like that seriously. Whats the alpha female version ill go around saying that now lmao

  19. Yes the internet memed him hard af and still does over it.

  20. Theres a difference in accidental and meaning it though. I mean you will become a meme either way lol.

  21. he meant it hes well.known to be a douche and shout like a baby over poker losses. The whole scene like hates this guy but he keeps winning is one pf the not winningest poker players ever dead or alive.

  22. Do you have the time to listen to me whine..... Nope screw off lol remix of green day good ridance is right

  23. We lead the initative for adult happy meals.....we did it i guess lol

  24. the apple slices from the kids happy meals always were my favorite part, very upset that the adult one doesn't have that

  25. Heck yeah those apples probably were laced with pure sugar but taste so gooood.

  26. Man, that sucks! So you feel delegitimized? Like they dont treat you like other adults?

  27. Yep. I look after my partner who has a significant disability. Actually on a government carer's pension for it.

  28. FF eel fred to decline if too peraonal.... Do you personally find it harder or easier to take care of yourself?

  29. Wanna hear probably the weirdest job for someone with autism? I'm a carer.

  30. Just moved and theres one or two ppl in my familys freind circle of about 30ish ppl..... that is like asking that allowing me to respond openly to it.

  31. Its kind of a loaded question and ill self reflect in the sane way you are kinda

  32. 1 im autistic and talk like yoda at times your forwarned proceed with caution. As my neurons are set up diffrent than most.

  33. I really only used alch cannabis short coke phase 3mntjs and then trial and error alot of psych stuff.


  35. Ur a millennial. Millennials are 1981-1996. Genz is 1997-2012. There’s something called zillennial which a mix of millennials and genz, born from 1992-1998, but it doesn’t really exist, just a way for people to say they’re both millennial and gen z

  36. Good then ppl say millenials suck exactly our point hate us will hate ya back

  37. Im do it like you i dont know why i used to obsess over logos now id rather put actual words like you did thx!

  38. I already have done my research and I did meet a lot of the criteria I also took a test someone recommended but idk if I should believe it. I just want to see if I relate to people here yk

  39. Keep in mind id on and off research it changes fast and hard lots of unkown things get put into the cruteria then the next dsm is like oops forget what we said about that part of the condition.

  40. Wearing it kn your sleeve trust me younger ppl closer to our age thats a positive not negative like older gens hide emotions and such.

  41. I respect i it as pushing boundries way ahead of the times.

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