What is the best South Park episode?

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  1. A great place to start is actually mellow corn, i’d ask the cashier if they have some in the back

  2. Just finished the 2019. So good

  3. If earthquakes hits, trust me, you will not worry about the whiskey

  4. You said Sudan sent a man. How do you know that person is a man? Not only you are a bigot, but you are also a liar. Imagine that. Can't say I am surprised that coming from a bigot.

  5. The main room of Chapman's has a bookcase. There's a room hidden behind the bookcase for private dining. Idk how much it costs, but that would fit the bill.

  6. If you go to Chapmans on a weeknight or even sometimes the weekend, you don’t have to have a rez to sit at the bar. It’s easy to get two seats especially if you go right at opening. The bar has a full dinner menu. I’d highly rec’d doing this as the interior (like everyone has mentioned) is heavily book/library themed and the menu and drinks are some of the best in cbus

  7. tbh this seems like a good time to learn to cook some basid dishes for yourself. rice broccoli and chicken cooked at home will be way healthier than anything from a restaurant, and so, so much cheaper

  8. I cook at least 3-5 days a week! Was actually a chef at a couple Italian restaurants back in the day. More so wanted to see what options columbus has to offer but I agree with you

  9. As a former chef, do you think it is particularly difficult to roast tasty brassica-like vegetables at home?

  10. It’s a yes and no but I think the big things to focus on are butter, (or another type of fat) salt, and a hot pan (I like all clad)

  11. Tulas is not bad, and no that’s not fair to say. Try some other menu options there. They have some good stuff

  12. Me and my wife got a variety pack. It just wasn't anything special and one of the items I asked for jalapenos on and they have me a comical amount. Like 20+ plus in a chimi or burrito I forget. The shrimp sope was overdone. I got a pretty big order and it was a Thursday I think. Ill get it again but I was disappointed

  13. That def sounds like an off night, such a shame bc they do a couple things really well. I’d highly rec eating there instead of takeout and getting the grilled platter with your choice of protein

  14. Matt And Tony’s aint bad. If you expand your area to German Village as well the options become much more enticing.

  15. Casual w/ nice dining experience - i’ll second matt and tonys for sure. Their wings are great btw

  16. PJ is the man, always super personable and knows how to make a great cocktail.

  17. More restaurants and bars within walking distance of each other downtown. If I go to citizens trust for a cocktail, there really isn’t a whole lot else in walking distance (buckeye bourbon house is one) but it would be nice to utilize the river walk a bit more. Put some more restaurants by the water other than milestone 229.

  18. The one where butters dad is secretly sneaking off to mens bath houses then his mom tries to kill him. Every part of butters journey is hilarious

  19. Am I the only one who wasn’t impressed by this place? I felt it was overhyped.

  20. Literally bought this even though I have to replace it. Couldn’t help myself after seeing the ad

  21. It will arrive tomorrow and i’ll let you know after I apply it to everything in my house

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