1. A wealth tax is a bad idea because of a variety of reasons: the tax is inefficient and expensive , capital is difficult to value and tax , and worst of all - capital flight of wealth out of the country. To give you a perspective , France lost $125 billion in capital flight out of the country from 1996 to 2005 due to wealth taxes. The number of countries with a wealth tax has dropped from 12 in the 1990s , to just 3 today.

  2. Considering the rich makes the laws, this does not surprise me.

  3. Screw those over paid folks who have never had to do a day of physical labor and make 3-10 times the average person salaries. Let the “retrain” like the factory workers no one cared about.

  4. Tech workers “retrain” constantly throughout their careers learning new technologies.

  5. I bet a year from now Biden is still evaluating this, and Schumer will still be evaluating CAOA. Talk about a serious lack of leadership skills.

  6. Today they deny it’s a thing. Tomorrow it will be transitory. In 6 months they will admit they were wrong, but still somehow profited greatly.

  7. Can I initiate DRS through TDA chat? Like fidelity? Or do I have to call?

  8. I vaguely remember this, so your not crazy, but I can’t offer any other details other than remembering. It may have been around the time Talkback got national attention for the pettiness of the callers.

  9. About 4,000 calories a day on average and more if I binge eat

  10. Not to me mean, but your going to keep growing at a fast rate for some time with that kind of intake.

  11. Who wants to bet the markets shit the bed tomorrow?! We’re watching institutions run the liquidity playbook trying to bait retail into thinking that raising 75 bps is somehow good for the stock market, then will pull the fucking rug and repeat. What a fucking joke this is.

  12. It will shit the bed tomorrow after “investors digest rate increase”.

  13. Imagine Biden indicates he is too busy with other issues to implement the will of the people and yet we have the Ukraine who is literally under attack and doing a better job at listening to constituents than the US president and senate.

  14. So if Congress can make no law regulating armed militias how the hell did we let them control whether or not someone could smoke some herb?

  15. In todays news the entire world supports legalized marijuana except 51 people in the US Senate.

  16. I’m only voting for stoners from here out. No smoke, no vote.

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