1. Im not getting killed. Im getting the Bulgar treatment in my defeat.

  2. Why am i not surprised? (Starting as a neighbour of poland get some land in poland)

  3. How easy it is to go from faking a vtuber foot interest to unironically getting one.

  4. That one really, really, really, really specific fetish you have buried down in the basement of your mind.

  5. I already know having a vtuber stepping on me is hard to explain to regular people. Trying to explain the foot aspect is harder. Trying to explain real feet do nothing and only the fantasy of vtuber feet does it is even more complicated.

  6. Prison Brits will eat vegemite. A normal brit will send you to live with prison brits if you keep eating after 1 bite.

  7. If you are still fat after making significant lifestyle changes to try to counter it then i accept it.

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