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  1. Except apps like it already exist. Namely Mastodon.

  2. You could potentially turn that into a positive by pointing out that tweet and then applying shows a commitment to improve the bank

  3. No. People forget that a good spy will strike exactly when you CANNOT turn around, and even if they still have a gun, there is a massive difference between instantaneous death and needing to be shot at least twice.

  4. I love the dark brotherhood. How else am I going to afford everything I want 10 minutes into the game without those guys donating their armor to me?

  5. Soldier can now equip two base jumpers. This is what the game needs

  6. Why practice for something like this? You can't even do this in a normal match

  7. there are no normal maps that have this type of exact terrain to do something like this

  8. No, but also A: gaining this type of skill can help with sticky jumping in general, and B: even if it did you're being the same type of person that says "why are you playing videogames, none of those skills will ever help you with anything real" Some times you just do something because it's fucking awesome.

  9. Fuck it they now start from 1, but the next indices follow (e*x)! (Idk how to do the actual capital pi notation that extends factorial to non whole numbers) (and starting from x=0 of course)

  10. I never level health in soul games so half the time everything one shots me...

  11. I beat that quest relatively easily. I have no idea what the issue is.

  12. Heh, I don't have repentance and I am saving unlocking more runes for one of the last things because Jera is the only one I will ever want. Half of the ways I break the game rely on Jera, so deleting the pool with meh runes would actively hurt me.

  13. Teleporter and dispenser exist. If the engie only builds a sentry, that one is only defense, but the teleporter I honestly as important for supporting a team as a medic. I would rather have a good teleporter and dispenser than a bad medic.

  14. The moment they see you they are in attack mode. They are just biding their time

  15. Yes, but they never could have seen me, or heard me. Spawned in behind a hill, was wearing full stealth gear, stealthed up to them, got hit with a jump attack

  16. The crouching ones act different to when they're standing/walking around. If you pay attention to their eyes as you creep up on them, you can actually see when they notice you! They're fully on guard when crouched.

  17. I know, but there is no way they could have noticed me. I know how the stealth works, I didn't make enough noise and I didn't enter a vision cone, but they jumped

  18. just take apart and solder a new microswitch in. as far as new mice go the g502 seems to be popular but i assume you want lots of buttons which the g502 doesnt have

  19. I can get you lots of buttons for free... Move your hand two keys to the right, and use RDFG for movement instead of WASD. You now can use most of your keyboard without having to move from the movement keys.

  20. Physics.exe was working perfectly fine. The bike is stable when at a decent speed like here. Same principal when you roll a coin on its edge.

  21. There is another aspect, coins when they tilt just fall over, but when a bike tilts it just turns.

  22. Wikipedia has been so opaque in the way they edit/create a lot of its content and therefore I do not see it as a reliable source of knowledge (esp. political content)

  23. There is an edit history on every page, a talk page for every wiki page, a sources section, and if you know something is wrong you can make an account and edit it most of the time. What are you talking about?

  24. I have seen ideologically motivated editors removing edits stating silly reasons. The editors are anonymous. There is a lot of complaints about the opaque nature of Wikipedia editors if you dig a bit. Did write to Wikipedia requesting to make the process more transparent but seems like they have not given much attention to this. I think I will never suggest Wikipedia as a source of information to anyone. For me it stands somewhere in the middle of opinion pieces and Encyclopedia articles.

  25. What more transparency do you even want? You already have all of the details wikipedia can realistically give you outside of the exactly where whoever is editing is located, and even then if you're not signed in they sign the edits with your IP address, which can tell you even that...

  26. Radiance covers a large part of the map, it would increase difficulty unnecessarily

  27. bosses collapsing on a top of you when they get stunned also constitutes a bs up in "difficulty". I'm ok with the normal enemies having contact damage, but anything with a weapon or dedicated attacks should be limited to the weapon/dedicated attacks.

  28. Just had a pretty mighty dose of this one today I hyper focused for 3 hours and drew Eevee... I looked up after finishing the drawing and immediately went "oh god I need food and water", and then my cat started yelling at me to put him

  29. Ah, open air shrines and actually solving them. I haven't done that in a while... Wind bombs are a bit OP in shrines without walls (and in some shrines WITH walls)

  30. I was joking that AB+ lets you get a game break as strong or stronger than this every third game, to the point where you regularly crash the game if you're not careful, and tapping a direction to shoot can cause you to freeze for a few seconds on weaker hardware.

  31. Wrangler+ mini + frontier justice doesn't work. Engie doesn't really have a single loadout, so much as anything with the mini sentries when you're playing scout. Everyone else doesn't care that much.

  32. I feel however the frontier justice is pretty hated. I would maybe replacd the wrangler with the short circete because it pisses of soilders and demos on choke points.

  33. The wrangler is much more hated. Yeah, if you get crit it sucks, but that requires people to die to the sentry first. The wrangler turns a sentry gun from a problem a single demo can deal with to a fucking nightmare that requires an entire team to take down. Combine a wrangled level 3 with a pybro and you have a nearly unkillable machine that requires way too fucking much effort to take down.

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