1. I know its John Wick so character depth and development is a side note, but did I miss the explanation for how he could fight hand to hand and shoot guns while blind?

  2. He gave the table his eyes, so he was likely extremely well versed and trained before he lost his eye sight

  3. Yes, that bit I caught, but correct me if I'm wrong, most blind people aren't the best martial artists or marksmen, regardless of when they lost their sight.

  4. i dont really know many beyond expertly trained martial artists and marksmen who lost their sight after being fully trained so idk

  5. It's a generic trap parody, he even imitates rapper's ad libs. but the theme & back & forth beat switch do sound like american pharaoh. The real tell though is that gambino has never produced any remotely original music, everything he's ever put out has been a more or less competent bite of somebody else's style.

  6. Weapons are still not balanced (half of the weapons are just usseles) and the game core mechanics (dependency of weapon accuracy on movement speed, lack of scopes and so on) were good for 2001 but not good even for 2010

  7. Wow, that's really shitty on Valve's part. They should at least have legacy support.

  8. It's almost 14 years old man

  9. Yeah Merch for the album bro

  10. So where’s the album. Y’all so quick to defend something that literally doesn’t exist

  11. It got delayed multiple times like WLR and Self Titled. Carti talks to much

  12. No one ever cares about the evidence. Just ask Johnny Depp

  13. Johnny Depp was an abuser. It just happens that Amber was also an abuser who lied about a bunch of shit.

  14. She recanted her accusation and they have video and witness evidence that it didn’t happen.

  15. Ubisoft are without doubt the scummiest company in the gaming industry, it's baffling that their reputation wasn't irrevocably damaged by the (still unresolved) abuse revelations.

  16. This is a 2021 Interview after all, shit could be completely different now. They’re leaking shit that he was definitely going to release on his own timing in the near future.

  17. Yeah fuck the music, bro has a vault for these situations but leaking someones documentary is crazy.

  18. i mean it was very very little of it but still yeah it was a little wack

  19. Cause Carti gonna b dropping soon, it happens every time he’s close to dropping

  20. it happens every time period, its not really correlated with any drop

  21. Remastered or not I guess I’m just not willing to pay $60-$70 for a 10 year old game. But luckily I played it way back when on PS4. I need to play the 2nd one but haven’t gotten around to it

  22. It’s not a remaster, it’s a remake

  23. The charges have not been dropped and the women has not recanted her statement, His lawyer just alleges she did

  24. Is this gonna be another Rick n Morty thing where there is not enough evidence to even go to court and get his life ruined or is this one actually legit?

  25. Justin Roiland got his life ruined for being a creep.

  26. I hate how when it comes to rappers, despite literally all artists having a history of doing this shit, yall just love to make it especially about "rappers". Does Drake have a history of doing this shit? Lol no. But continue on your weird (definitely not race based) hunt.

  27. Nah but drake has a weird history regardless so fuck him

  28. The dude that leaked the documentary

  29. Yeah idk why people believe that it’s not true

  30. Nah that’s just some shit fans said it was never true. Almost all the songs that leaked were already scrapped and the ones that weren’t he still worked on after they leaked. WLR never changed because of leaks. EA did though

  31. yes when songs leak it isnt a small thing considering the album got pushed back id say he had pretty major fuckin role

  32. my brother in christ for the forth time Forza did not leak or cause anyone else to leak any music

  33. Yeah? Selling and leaking are two different things

  34. It’s been obvious bro lmfao, the label the ones in charge of all this leaking for publicity right before a drop.

  35. Me when I relay sacraments the voices tell me

  36. I might be wrong but wasn't it juice who started leak culture?

  37. bro it was lil wayne, cart 3 shit

  38. Worst combat of any multiplayer game I have ever played

  39. I think we've seen this play out so many times and end up false claims. How does one get a 'laceration' from a slap around the head.

  40. What examples of false claims are you thinking of?

  41. There is no "The Lady". But if there had to be one that would be Rachel Even Wood, who stands by her claims of abuse. Your talking about Ashley Morgan Smithline who did say she made it up but theres still

  42. Why on earth do you think Manson is innocent?

  43. Unless your in like super high tier lobbies you don't really need to learn the specific sprays like that. just roughly knowing how much to pull down for and also tapping the gun does most of the work

  44. No but someone who has 3 mins just shouldn’t have beta access lol

  45. No they probably should, depending on what hardware and software they have, plus theres value in having newer players in aswell. access to the beta isn't a gift, it's to get the right results they want

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