Insanely Effective Farming Technique Invented in the 1920s

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. I think iberian ham pigs are allowed to forage as they please

  2. How so? If they’re not fenced, a predator can come by and rip them apart

  3. This is absolutely correct. They do have a better life than some herbivores in the wild.

  4. Except OP’s point makes no sense. Breeding animals to existence so that they’d have a ‘net positive’ life has virtually no impact on the wild animals that die gruesome deaths in nature.

  5. I've always felt it was more powerful and appropriate as a random mugging, and I think introducing Joe Chill as the murderer cheapened the origin.

  6. I think he needs closure. He shouldn’t always be an edgy revenge driven depressed guy He has to eventually grow to fight for good

  7. No Way Home made $2 billion less than 18 months ago. The box office as a whole is in bad shape, but superhero movies are doing just fine. Unless reviews are exceptionally poor, GotG3 will do well when it opens in a few weeks.

  8. In another thread someone pointed out that there were roughly 10,000 Jedi at the time of Order 66. Wiping out 99% by ANH would still leave 100 Jedi alive, of which we know of Kenobi, Yoda, Ahsoka, Grogu, and Kanan? Maybe some of the Inquisitors if you want to be technical? Since you expect Jedi to be highly notable individuals, them still popping up in stories is certainly plausible after ANH.

  9. The 10K Jedi thing refers to Jedi knights only. If you count younglings and padawans there’s be far more Jedi

  10. Is been smol and cute a criteria for having the right to life? The cow wanted to live just the same

  11. if you really care about animals, harassing people you dont know anything about on the internet is not how you make effective change. it’s not going to make people vegan. maybe try doing something more productive to save the animals.

  12. If you care, you’d stop eating their dead bodies. I’m not harassing you, pointing out hypocrisy is not harassment

  13. You're getting too much hate for this one.

  14. I think Lifting Vegan Logic’s take on this this is pretty good

  15. Honestly this tech can be used to change a characters actor, and so long as it is explained well enough the audience would buy it.

  16. Imo recasts should not be addressed in universe

  17. I wonder if the Naboo ship and crew was Jar Jar’s personal crew and Kelleran was friends with him

  18. I hope so. Ahmed Best originally pitched for Jar Jar to save younglings in ROTS

  19. It’s a linear single player game. There’s no point to have any save continuation other than cosmetics, which I’m sure you’ll get to customize fairly early on

  20. Then you're harming the plants. They're stuck in the ground and can't scream.

  21. Most crops are used as animal feed. Go figure

  22. We need 8 billion people and 100+ countries to ban together in order for us to even dream of surviving the climate crisis. I cant even hope thats realistic. We had a good run.

  23. I’m not having children in this life time, this is no world I would want to bring someone into

  24. Sorry, I like my bones not to be brittle. Being a vegan is incredibly bad for your health.

  25. Sorry, being misinformed / ignorant is not a valid reason to support the premeditated rape, abuse and murder of innocent animals.

  26. I think you killed most support for your standpoint by implying meat eaters are raping animals.

  27. Interesting discourse here I’m so confused

  28. Well its because the writers wanted Obi Wan to fight Vader in the Obi wan series, and they wanted to end on a high note that didn't want to contradict the OT films too much, which meant that Kenobi had to win the fight and prove he was better than Vader, without killing him... because after all being able to beat someone in a duel is all that matters when it comes to strength. Its basically the same ending as their fight in RotS (minus the part where it looked like anakin was finished)

  29. They shoulda pulled a Force Awakens thing where they were forced to end the fight by external reasons or something

  30. Just want to make a comment of appreciation that they fixed Cere/Debra Wilson. Her model was messed up in-game and did not do her irl appearance justice. She had these massively protruding eyes that she does not actually have and feel like it must have sucked for her to see herself like that in-game.

  31. They ever gonna show us the blaster style gameplay or are they planning on keeping that secret till release?

  32. ik ik, i just think having 2 subs for the same game it's kinda weird, ty tho

  33. Doesn’t matter this sub is for all games in this series

  34. True, who knows I'm just throwing it out there. Anything's possible.

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