1. Such a slow grower comparatively though.. I've had my PC (🤫 polaskia chichipe) for a year and a half and I swear it's only grown 2 inches.. same tent set up that my Trichos boom in. 🤷‍♂️ still cool and nice looking cactus.

  2. I’ve actually used them to graft before on small stuff but I just really like the coloring on them honestly. Super cool plant when they’re big.

  3. Flip that fucker over with the lift bet they’ll come clean it

  4. I’ve used this quite a bit actually. Add a bunch of other stuff crushed lava, worm castings, chicken grit, pumice and I really like Doctor Earth nutrients I usually get the green bag but the orange works good too.

  5. Go to the height and reach you’re comfortable with or tell them to fuck off period. You will go as far as you want or need to once you know your machine. Be a good operator and go with your gut first. Fuck that.

  6. I’m a stone mason not a lineman but we go up in baskets all the time. I almost accidentally killed my boss one time because he kept pushing me to go more and I told him I didn’t want to and he said go I’m watching you we will be ok… so I listen and do it and he almost got crushed under a grout hog and a mini excavator. ONLY DO WHAT YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH.


  8. They’re sacred here that’s a beautiful thing ❤️

  9. I just lost my whole collection due to a severe cold snap and I wasn’t stuck away from home to take care of them… 5 years down the drain. I’ll definitely take some seeds when they’re ready please.

  10. Oh shit! I think it was your post that I saw in one of the FB groups earlier. I'm so sorry to hear that brother. I know what 5 years of patiently collecting and caring for cacti feels like, and I couldn't imagine losing everything at once like that. I've noted your username, and I'll be in touch when my seeds are ready.

  11. Yup that’s me… thank you I appreciate that a lot.

  12. Unfortunately I am not strong in wire work. However, with a nice thin cord or beading thread and seed beads you could also string up a few pretty items. If you are interested in bead weaving, one of those starfish would look lovely as a focal on a spiral rope necklace. I've posted a how to link below. Whatever you do, I hope you find joy and relaxation in your beading.

  13. Tape on both sides with a thick packing tape for temporary use until you can get something new

  14. Some people use a square of velvet fabric. The fibers are similar for sure. While velvet is prettier, I find the pile is usually too short for me.

  15. Shit I use a shirt, bandana, wash cloth, I usually put a small plate underneath or something.

  16. A lot of people totally do that and if it works for you, then do not change a thing! I find it difficult to work on anything but a bead mat. I guess you can't teach and old dog like me new tricks. Haha

  17. Well honestly I learned the hard way haha i bet if I had a bead mat I would use that instead though! 🤣 I’m just saying really anything that’ll hold your heads somewhat still works too. I’m a cheap ass when it comes to that and use whatever I have lol.

  18. idk theres plenty of factual statements in what i said, and i never even said it WAS moldy, "i said it i've never seen it look so moldy".. not even saying this is, but then when someone gets sick from eating a contaminated product then they will come back on reddit crying that no one told them there was a possibility of certain factual things happening. people out there just completely ignorant to facts and experience. but its the internet im not stressing, half these people would love to know me in real life and would act fake as fuck just to join the team.. were making big moves and leaving the haters in the dust so ohhhwellll, i sell plenty of cactus and have an too good of a network, let them all drink that hateraid!

  19. They will all be very beautiful for sure. Wasn’t trying to be a dick either: I’ve just always had roots and pups waaay faster not logging. Happy growing my friend. 😎

  20. Oh dear god please stand them up! Those are beautiful

  21. Definitely Decosta is one that’s been on my list for a while now. ❤️🌵

  22. Yeah real similar to how you have it but add some yellow in the center

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