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  1. I think the use of the word “tried” here says a lot.

  2. I have no idea if this is staged but it does look like her to me.

  3. Nice meatballs but update us when the spaghetti is ready

  4. Honestly, this will be the unpopular take, but it really does look like Hu is experiencing a bit of an "episode" and is getting escorted out for health reasons.

  5. Anyone with eyes can see this is the case but they’d rather glamorise it.

  6. I send a text and say I’ll call in later.

  7. It’s good to release attachment when manifesting but if you no longer like this person then you can leave it alone and move on.

  8. Glad to hear your life has transformed. Keep going.

  9. I just think it’s ridiculous to have to let go to get your desire. If that’s how it works screw that. Why can’t you have your heart’s desire, what you yearn for and would be so grateful to have. So what if you are attached to that desire.

  10. When you’re so attached it’s often best to drop it. Sometimes you have to go No Contact with yourself.

  11. I don’t recall no liking Mike. What was the problem with him?

  12. Can you please share more about what you mean by that? If you want :) Thank you.

  13. Right now (if you’re alone) start having a conversation with yourself. If you’re not alone you can do this in your mind.

  14. I finally got to a point where I was true to myself with exactly how I wanted things to go. I didn’t want to interview, which isn’t conventional but that’s what I wanted. I wanted to stay at hotels, travel etc as part of my role and I didn’t see many roles with that attached.

  15. I do love my hair but every wash day I do wish it could be easier and if that means leaving the 4C lifestyle then adiós lol. My hair is thick and I love that but my hands, my poor hands 😭

  16. My brother said exactly this once and the guy gave him $100 to switch to the same seat one row back.

  17. If you paid, you can certainly say NO and feel nothing of it. You don’t know these people and owe them nothing.

  18. 😹 they always manage to have less than the people trying to move to their country.

  19. Oh look, cat is struggling but let make it all about 'women who you're so worried about who won't pay attention to you anyways'.

  20. I feel like the small Tesco’s always smell like spilled milk or dead mice. I can’t put my finger on it.

  21. If you don’t go you’ll feel anxious at home. If you go you might feel anxious there but at least you can say you did it. If you decide to stay in your room there then so be it.

  22. 👀 I’m truly surprised this passed the mods.

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