1. Not to play devils advocate because you’re probably right, but I had a boyfriend commit suicide and I was asked if I wanted to know every detail; I did, but I’ll never know if what I picture in my head is accurate so I kept imagining it worse and worse.

  2. You are brave, but I fear you may have contracted the FabFitFlu. Push your fluids, go to Tj Maxx with your husbands credit card, and by all means, wash your hands after touching any categories. Godspeed 🙏🏻

  3. Idk why you’re getting downvoted this is funny as hell lol

  4. I think that's an expiration date for the offer, not the product itself.

  5. I’m late to this post but I’m sorry so many people didn’t get your joke. I hate it when my jokes don’t land on reddit 😂 - I appreciate your efforts, I think it’s hilarious.

  6. Thanks girl! Now let’s see how this Spring box goes 😬

  7. I wonder if it’s a marketing ploy to drive hype around the mystery choice so more people buy them and they can unload less desirable products that way

  8. One of the lipsticks I want is sold out and extra choices on cat 6 are unavailable and I wanted several things there. I was an hour late to customize because my husband has a “man cold” so that crisis put me behind. Hopefully cat 6 will allow us to add more choices again

  9. Not to mention a diffuser. Not sure if it's the same one or not but they were sending out diffusers that had absolutely no scent.

  10. Yes, I’ve got two of them. One literally evaporated in the matter of a week. The other smelled like crayons. I’ll stick to Voluspa

  11. The berry bowls are cute but my berries go straight in the fruit drawer to die a slow death.

  12. Put your berries in sealed glass containers! Mine last weeks this way. Don't wash until you need them.

  13. Yikes! I remember seeing something in sale too. It’s horrible women can’t get safe feminine products

  14. Yes, yes she did! I’ll give her credit, in this picture her nose looks good and her lip filler help her gummy mouth. Now if we can just tackle those bolt on, hard as rocks boob job she has

  15. I have a theory they’ve been slowly trying to switch which categories are the best to 5/6 so people are more incentivized to sign up for annual

  16. Joy… sunglasses I can’t use unless I choose not to be able to actually see anything.

  17. FYI the 'not basic' prescriptions are like $200+ for lenses alone

  18. I have astigmatism and two different rx per eye, I did mine for $65 without insurance

  19. Right?! I remember long ago when they used to throw extra surprise items in 😩

  20. I couldn’t agree more. Despite the last few problematic seasons, we’re all rooting to see them restored to the good ol days that made us excited about our boxes and this would be a great step in that direction

  21. They should send us the candle as an added gift to celebrate them

  22. I remember a story that sounds like this but it was her brother that saw her walk away

  23. What is this pose? It looks like her head is photoshopped on a smaller body and she’s airing out her ass by the houseplant

  24. Yeah, I don't understand the point of a carafe if it only holds like 1.5 drinks.

  25. I have one about that size and when my husband brings me breakfast, he uses it for the orange juice for my mimosa. It’s cute but a larger one would make more sense

  26. Right? Also, that's so cute. He sounds sweet.

  27. Thanks. During the pandemic he started the tradition of pajama bottomless brunch at home

  28. Something about only 2 of them irks me. Two cups is part of a set of glasses. Imo

  29. The clear ones look like dollar tree candle holders

  30. Omg! That’s spot on! My cheap ex bf had the exact same glass for his toothbrush

  31. The tapestry on the left is available in the sale under the home section

  32. Never came and they sent to wrong address. Don’t answer emails just screw you along. Good luck!

  33. Jesus! I thought the recently advertised two for the price of one seems too good to be true

  34. Yeah, there’s a bunch of law firms looking into FFF rn

  35. Yes, for CA residents, there’s tons of ads on IG promoting class action lawsuits against a lot of sub boxes and fff specifically

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