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  1. Left to right, 0 PEMDAS (standard order of operations) 1

  2. Basically any tree sap is edible. Beech trees are probably going to require a lot of cooking. Maple was basically chosen due to availability and low moisture content.

  3. No! Pine sap contains turpentine and you don’t want to be eating that. Spruce I don’t know about.

  4. Unfortunately this is true: the video is widely available on YouTube and other video platforms, though its not currently known whether the girl has been returned to her family, or placed into foster care, or is still being detained.

  5. If you want bomb recipes just buy The Anarchist Cookbook, it's totally legal and was in print for quite some time. Apparently its drug recipes suck though, so caveat emptor and all that.

  6. There was a post on here that gave out actual bomb instructions

  7. ACAB is directed at the institution of policing. It has gotten so deeply corrupted that many "good cops" who try to shine a light on the problems within police departments are forced out by their colleagues. Many cops self select for those who will always back the blue no matter how fucked up their actions may be. This is why we get shit like the Minneapolis PD claiming George Floyd "

  8. Pls censor jvlin. Many off us have been harassed by heliphobic jvlins and it can be triggering for us

  9. Guys look, he made fun of a minority! So funny! I’m sure no one else is as brave as you!

  10. Attack helicopter is a valid identity. No matter what you or anyone else says

  11. *Killing you selling your organs then dumping your hollowed out corpse on the side of a road in Trenton New Jersey

  12. Based (this is what's called sarcasm I'm definitely NOT mentally unstable and a danger to society)

  13. They do make cute noises huh. I fuckin love birds

  14. They also scream all day long oh god why are they so loud all they do is scream I go outside to see why and they just look at me

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