1. Nice Putt!!! Love those shots that keep you coming back! Congrats on the Personal Best too... Keep grinding!

  2. Have you considered taking a lesson? I recently got back into golf about 3 weeks ago and took my first lesson a week ago. The instructor completely changed my mechanics and I’ve been hitting the ball 10x better. Still have a lot of work to do but you should consider taking one if you haven’t already

  3. I have considered it and even took the complimentary swing evaluation at a Golf Tech... the guy had me make a couple of adjustments and wow was I hitting the ball so much better! I also watch a few guys on YouTube... Mr. Short Game, James Robinson, Rick Shiels, Peter Finch, We Play Golf etc to try and learn that way too!

  4. move the downhill lie back in your stance about 2-3in and take one less club

  5. I think what is hard for me on the downhill lie is getting my shoulders parallel with ground. It's much easier for me to do that on an uphill lie... I just feel like I'm leaning back a little on the uphill lie... the leaning forward feeling on a downhill lie feels very awkward to me. I'm a right handed golfer and find it harder to drop my left shoulder down to get parallel to the ground on the downhill lies.

  6. Wow… if I saw your walking down my hallway I’d stop in my tracks and want to talk with you. You wear it well and are smoking hot. Love the ankle strap heels you’re wearing. Great legs for sure!!!

  7. My first thoughts when see this pic of you is… Damn she’s hot! Wow!

  8. He played like shit during the US Open... I kept thinking his mind is not in the game... too much partying with his fiance` as they continued their pre-wedding celebrations with a wild beach party in Turks and Caicos, June 3rd... He was nowhere near ready to play in the US Open! Go back to the beach and party your ass off Keopka, obviously that is where you really want to be!

  9. I think you need to get your head examined coming on here and calling people who you don't know pussies! It's cool if you're with your buddies at the bar or on the course, but to come on here and say that to people you don't know is kinda odd! Oh, and go get some lessons, you're no better than any of us!

  10. Depends on if there is beer drinking, cigar smoking, and tunes jamming while playing. Other than that I would say no, because golf is a funny game!

  11. What next? They've only played one tournament. Many are playing the US Open and then they'll go back to the LIV Tour and play the next event. That's whats next.

  12. I thought they were suspended… did the PGA bend the knee already?

  13. I didn’t know that, thank you for enlightening me. I learned something new today!

  14. The Putter Fitting at Club Champion is the way to go... The SAM system is the best and once you're fitted you can get all your putters adjusted to your fitting. You can also bring your putter back each year and get it re-adjusted at no charge. I highly recommend Club Champion All The Way!

  15. Have you done their whole bag fitting? There is one near me and it caught my eye. I’m playing 10 year old clubs and want to see if I need adjustments (or new clubs).

  16. I did do the whole bag fitting. I had just bought new Callaway XT Max Irons, Driver, 3W, 5W and still did the fitting. I did buy the shafts that worked best for me and it's game changing. I highly recommend the full bag fitting too. I now have the correct length and shafts in all my clubs and I couldn't be happier. It's a lot of balls you will be hitting for a full bag fitting so you might want to make it two sessions.

  17. Old White dudes? Hahaha... I didn't know Harold Varner III was white, he sure looks black to me... oh and Tiger Woods, another white dude there too huh... Wrong, he's black too... let's not forget to mention that there are Asians, Indian's and others who love the game of golf too. Maybe there are LGBTQ people that like the game of golf too, and that's okie dokie with me too! Golf is for everyone, not just "Old White Dudes"! Go take your race baiting and stick it up your ass and Go Fuck Yourself!

  18. Sorry and I'm not trying to be negative here, but it sounds funny when you call that a trolley. We call them Golf Carts or Push Carts here in America. A trolley to us is a bus on rail tracks that is on the street. All good though, and I have no idea what those are, maybe bumpers for when you fold the cart?

  19. Ain’t it great how we all call the same thing different names? To me it’s interesting. I really enjoy other people’s cultures.

  20. I'm a huge Callaway guy, but I also own that Driver, the 3W, 2H, and Cobra LTDx Irons... That is one of the best drivers and full sets of clubs I have ever owned. I never gave much thought to trying Cobra until after watching a few youtube videos this year. I decided to give them a try, and I was blown away at how good they look, feel, and sound. Now I can proudly say that I'm a Huge Callaway and Cobra guy! Good luck with your new driver; I hope you hit many fairways!

  21. As I'm watching this video I'm asking myself... What the hell is he doing... just get up and hit the damn ball already! Sorry, but that is what I was thinking... my thoughts, too much pre swing bull crap! Just get up there and hit the ball and stop thinking too much.

  22. Just me that couldn’t stop looking at the part that wasn’t fully painted white?

  23. I’m right there with you… I had Zalatoris for the win too!!!

  24. Has anyone ever told you your a dead ringer for Cristin Milioti?

  25. Nice Win… I had the 3-6-10 on a $10.00 Tri-Box… if only I would of replaced the 6 with the 21… SMH!!!

  26. Haha, I’m a few guys in this picture! What can I say, I like nice things!

  27. That's a really nice putting mat... I found the site for these mats... which size is that mat, the medium or the large?

  28. It's the large one, probably should have gone for the medium. It is nice though.

  29. That’s really nice… I have a nice long hallway that would fit in really nice. It would double as a carpet and practice putting surface for me, lol.

  30. I find the same thing happening to me too.. I go to the range and can hit great shots off the mat that feel perfect; then go out to play on the course and can't hit a damn thing. I've been wondering if it's phycological or not myself. I always try to tell myself, just do the same thing you're doing at the range, but nope... still hit bad shots on the course.

  31. I used to follow Eric for a while. I switched from him to Jim Venetos last year. I can hit draws with either method but the Venetos swing is much easier on my body. In either case I feel like my upper back is facing the target FOREVER. If I miss it’s usually because I let my shoulders spin open. Sound like you are def still coming over the top on your misses. Take video and get lessons is best. I searched for it for way too long before working with Jim last summer.

  32. I'm already signed up for a 10 session pack and looking forward to it. $700.00 for 10 1hr lessons. I felt like that was a pretty good deal. There is also golf fitness involved with my lessons too.

  33. I would have to see your swing to agree or disagree with that, but generally, I mean feeling like your butt is moving towards a wall behind you, your belt buckle starts to face the ground, and your shirt buttons are getting lower to the ground as you begin your downswing. And once you get down there, feel like you stay there through impact. It might require some flexibility you don't currently have but can develop.

  34. I totally understand what you're saying. We have a place called GS Fitness close by me, they're a Golf Fitness and Lessons place. They help with Golf Conditioning, Sports Massage and Assisted Stretching, then taking that all to the Trackman and putting it all together with coaching. I just signed up for 10 sessions and really looking forward to it. I added a link below in case you were interested in seeing what this place is all about.

  35. I'm starting to lean towards the S62 too. I'm watching YouTube video by Lets Play Thru and he's saying you don't need the screw in sensors with the S62 to keep track of clubs/distance. Do you use the sensors along with the watch or just the S62 without the sensors?

  36. I have the S62 as well, also love it. You can select which club you hit after each shot if you don't have sensors and it will still track them accurately. I got the CT10 sensors though and now I barely have to bother keeping score. Killer golf watch!

  37. That sounds great... I have the Arccos sensors, but not sure if I like them too much. I'm really looking forward to using this watch to see how much better it than the Arccos system. I may even end up buying the sensors one day so I can compare them to Arccos. Thanks for your input, very much appreciated.

  38. Are you new to golf? We call them tracks and will continue to call them tracks lol

  39. I'm 54yrs old and have been playing golf for the last 28yrs... I have never in all my years of playing and watching golf ever heard some of this weird terminology that I see here on Reddit before in my life. You guys really think it's cool talking like this? Sounds pretty goofy to me, but that's my opinion. To each their own I guess. I'm sure when I was young and in my 20's -30's we said some pretty off the wall shit that older 50's - 60's people thought was weird and crazy too!

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