Pays to be nice to the BK lady. Asked for one she filled up the bag, literally have about 200. I’m going to stack a bunch and give some to friends for the XP tokens. But I’m going to give 25 away. If you need the skin comment “Conor” at 8pm EST I’ll start sending the codes out.

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  1. It depends , is your vita the fat version or slim version ?

  2. at first I also hated it but after finishing the challenges for the prestige 1 calling card its prob one of my favorites for challenges

  3. bruh I kept losing on the 3rd round cause a teammate either went afk cause they gave up or idk just played dumb. next time I'm for sure gonna try to put a team together

  4. yeah I was tryna get wins for the Collette skin but every teammate ive had always makes the dumbest decisions and most of them just end up going afk after they cause us to lose the round

  5. bruh what is the code just that plastic thing? fuck I hope when I go buy some they have the code

  6. yeah I quit ow2 lmao switched to mw2 and have been having way more fun than I've ever had playing ow2

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